Esks vs Riders Oct 15

Went and got 3 tickets today for the Esks vs Riders game on Oct 15th. What surprised me was that there was only single seats left in the crappy sections! I usually sit in section D but had to settle for seats in Y!!

That game is going to be crazy!!!!! Esks fans if you haven't gotten your tickets yet go get em because there aren't many left!

I got mine.
It will be a great game.
4 more days,4 more days!!!!

Well EE you can add a Stamp fan to the Eskie cheering squad here. The Eskies will kick their butt and send them home crying.

Thanks for the help man. I was anticipating this at the start of the season. 3 teams fighting for second and we play all of them once more to finish the year! Should be a great finish to the year heading into the playoffs. The Esks will need to continue with the same effort as last week if they want to host that semi-final.

Thanx for locking out that ridiculous Post....Lets get back to Football !!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update, better get off my ass and purchase.

I might be making the trek up for this game. All depends on if we get enough people and if we get Oiler tickets too. Should be a good game. We usually suck in commenwealth though but it should be a good game.

I've got mine too. And I'll be sitting on the 55 yards line, two rows up from the Eskimos bench. Way to have a first experience at Commonwealth Stadium !

Only 17 days left!

I'd rather not look past a hungry Ti-Cats team first, gents...

I happen to be in Edmonton that weekend and my Rider buddy talked me into going to the game. Section V Row 5. That means, I would have seen 14 Lions games and 2 Riders games (Bombers/Esks) in person this season. Wow, best CFL season for me to date since 1985. I've been lucky to have a good boss who let's me get time off whenever I want.

I’d come up and watch if there were any way that both teams could lose. :slight_smile:

I'm sure edmonton will have a very large attendance for the riders game. I better pick some tickets up soon.