Esks Vs Cats

This is a game that the Eskimos should win, im still looking for them to finish strong and end the game, not let teams get back into it like the Als and Gades did. Hamilton is 0-4, and that's always scary, they played very well against the Lions and DM did well, he needed more help from his receivers. I'm gonna pick the Esks to win by two touchdowns in a good game. I think the Esks D will be a little overwhelming for the Cats and Ray plays well against them ( 4 td's in the air last game, i think..) Plus, the game is at Commonwealth, hard for any team to win there.


Hamilton is due for a win...But not next week in Edmonton. Hamilton had a lot of dropped balls tonight VS the Lions. If Hervey and Sanchez are back, Edmonton should be dominate in this one.

Hamilton showed they can fight, and they are still hungry, hungrier in fact...we do need a good solid effort on both sides of the ball, and hopefully a convincing win

After that 14-12 Winnipeg game, I want to see a 40-point Eskimo victory.

No kidding but I won't be there to see it :cry:........ it turns out that I have a family reunion six hours away aorund Peace river that's lasting all weekend. Oh the humanity!!!! lol, hopefully I'll catch it on TV or the radio is they get it up there... but now I don't get to test out my new flagpole.....

That sucks. If it’s any consolation I’m helping a relative move on Saturday.

But I told him we’ll have to bust our butts in the morning because at 4:00 I’m heading down to Commonwealth and he’s on his own!

C'ya all at commonwealth !!! God i love those Esks!