…Could have ended better …but what the hey…we came within a whisker …and scared the heck out of the schmoes…The d is away ahead of the offence on this club…but when LeFors and gang catch-up …watch out…Under horrendous conditions and missing Doug Brown…not too shabby… 8)

…according to a few …we shouldn’t have even been in it…good effort… :thup:

The defense was excellent, and the offense started to turn it on at the end. If that's what they play like all the time, I'd say the Bombers are in pretty good shape.

Disappointing that Serna missed it but you can't blame him, it's tough to make two straight 47-yarders on wet grass, and he had the leg, just hooked it a bit.

…the five yd. penalty for illegal procedure sort of upset the apple-cart…but like you say …he had the leg…just a bit wide…oh well …onward and upward to play the stamps at home…both clubs are going to be a little testy…I sure hope the weather is better… :wink:

Lefors is a loser.

I actually quite enjoyed the game.......I do truly enjoy a really defensive game, and that sure was......great defence by both teams. The Bombers really have to find a way, when he's fully healthy, of getting Sideeq Shabazz in there full time, be it at LB, HB, or safety, or whatever.......the guy is a beast and hits like a locomotive.

for a defensive game, it actually was fairly entertaining.

We need to get LeFors a bit more time to through a little further downfield, and we should be ok.

What is the point of this post? Are you still upset that you were so wrong in your prediciton and we almost beat you?

Why don't you try a little bit of analysis instead of your cheap graffiti? Or do the headaches from trying to think make you nauseous? :thdn:

...when we picked-up Shabazz, I knew we struck gold.....this guy is an awesome hitter....he definitely gets respect from the opposition ...The hit on Lumsden was clean and hard..... I bet Shabazz is in the category that feels for Jesse ........ and I don't see how Shabazz could have played it any different...

Close to 700 yards of combined offense between the two, not as much a defensive struggle as some think, that field was slick and crap, again, as it always is when it's wet.

Good effort by both clubs, dumb penalty by Labatte at the end, and Serna made the first one and missed the second. If it wasn't for bad luck, Serna wouldn't have any.