Looking forward to see Hugh Charles get some carries and/or on kick returns. Jyles with his running could pose a problem; will be a much different game than the one In Edmonton.

Personally I see it being a snore. Esks are playing well defensively and the Argos offense just can't move the ball. They'll get more than 1 point though.

I wouldn't count on it being a snore myself. The Argos after all did beat Calgary last week. Maybe it was a fluke but I don't think so. I wouldn't be surprised if Tate for Calgary gets the start. He almost pulled it off against the Argos last week. Jyles is getting more comfortable and he can make big yardage himself when he has to. Ricky Ray is a good scrambler too. Stamps is the guy the Argos have to watch. This game may be much closer than we think it will be OR..... the Esks will blow the Argos off the field. Now THAT to me would be a snore.

....sorry @oldclarke :frowning:

Jyles was terrible last week. 11-21 for118 yards, 1 TD, and what, 4 interceptions?

In fact he's been a downgrade from Cleo Lemon in every way except rushing. Here's the stats Naylor posted:

TD Int Rush YD/Game Pass YD/Game

Lemon 7 4 15 253.5
Jyles 3 9 61 174

A total TD:INT ratio of 0.3333 is pathetic. I expect very little out of the Argos offense tonight if Edmonton manages to contain Cory Boyd. They've really got nothing else.

Take the under in this game. I think it will be close but far from a masterpiece. Esks win though.

Lemon has decent stats too.

I would think this will be a high scoring game and mostly by the Eskimos. :thup:

last time theseguys played it was close remember

also Jyles is still getting used to his recievers, he isn't a downgrade over lemon.

That's true, he's a different QB than Lemon.

2nd and 10 Argos... hey lets throw the ball for -2 yards and hope that he can somehow run past all the defenders for a first down!

That kind of play calling needs to be banned. Horrible. :thdn:

a good set, nice long completion.
too bad they didn't get close enough for the TD.

Ray looks like he his floating the ball, look for a few picks by TO

Vintage Duval; first down Argos at the one - 3-1 Toronto leads

Wow, what has happened to Toronto this game? Looking like Riders might get the first overall draft pick lol

It's the Boyd & Owens show tonight. Argos are finally giving their two stars the ball and it's working.

Nope; Boyd/Messam are doing well so far.

of course pre misses a chip shot after boyds 63 yard run

The Argo Bounce strikes again!

What’s up with Rays wounded duck throws?

Dunno, but I had no problem with the throw he just made 8)