Esks Travel Sked?

Anyone know if the Esks are returning to Edmonton and then going back East to Ottawa or just staying out there all week?

They returned to Edmonton and fly back on Friday.

Huh, I thought they would have just traveled to Ottawa.

Yeah I thought they might as well. But they went home.

They will go home Sunday n depart all over the world as they lose the ef imho they don't deserve to be in Ottawa this week anyways but they can thank the review center for getting them there

Hamilton based off of their record didn't even belong in the playoffs. No sub 500 team deserves to get to the Grey Cup. Being an Eskimo fan aside, I really hope the Esks win based off of the Redblacks record as well. I'd be saying this if the Lions or Bombers crossed over instead of us. The east has no business playing in the big game this year.

Well..all that has to happen for your statement to be correct is for EE to defeat Ottawa.
Easy hey?...

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