Esks trade Tristan Jackson to Riders for Ladarius Key

Riders win here.

a young returner on a team that will have a new special teams coach who is much better than Daley.


Don't start counting your chickens before they hatch. It might be a good idea to wait until see if Jackson still has it or if you've got another Dominique Dorsey on your hands. Jackson hardly played last season because of injury and when he did play he hardly lite it up (a 4.8 yard average on punt returns - even Dorsey had a better average than that).

K, what makes this a head scratcher is we traded a guy with three years of CFL experience for a prospect. WTF? :expressionless:

If Key can play in the CFL it will be a great deal for the Eskimos. A good DB is a lot tougher to find than a kick returner.


IF he can... It's a gamble, and it better pay off. :expressionless:

It's a gamble for the Riders too. They will have to see whether Jackson can rebound from all those injuries he had last season.

It is a good trade for both sides....

Our ST sucked because of Daley. We all know that. It is hard to blame Dorsey......

And Tillman is no idiot. Look what he did here and quickly. He know's talent. Key is one of his guys. Tillman knows what he is doing...

Very, very true. Good DBs are super valuable. In situations like this, I always think of the NFL Redskin/Broncos trade from like 6 years ago when the Broncos got Champ Bailey for Clinton Portis lol. Wasnt to hard for Denver to pull the trigger on that one I dont think.

lmao Love your posts.

Didn't Rider fans say their ST sucked in 2008 under Alex Smith and in 2009 under Kavis Reed as well?

ET may have been gettin’ into the pills again.

The Edmonton Eskimos shipped kick returner/defensive back Tristan Jackson to the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Friday for defensive back LaDarius Key.

I guess you missed that part.

I don't think he ever played as a DB in Edmonton but I may be wrong. Especially coming back from an injury.
Having said that he may help the riders, in the return game which they need.

I'm pretty sure he did play defence on occasion, but not entirely sure what position.

This is classic Tillman.
Trading a guy who’s been in and out of the lineup with injuries for a guy he knows who is under the radar screen.
I think you’ll find that Key will be a front line player in Edmonton.
Jackson is not a defensive back starter by a long shot, has declined as a returner and has been hurt a lot. Key will be a starter and Tillman recruited and signed him for Sask.

because Ken Miller wasn't willing to make the ultimate moves to fix it.

Nothing's a given.

Riders clearly didn't need him.. you don't think that has some merit in all this as well?

It's not like the Riders are putting all their eggs into Tristan's Basket..

he was a backup DB. he played occasionally.

Last year was ridiculously bad though....