Esks trade Prefontaine back to Argos..

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The Toronto Argonauts have reacquired punter/place kicker Noel Prefontaine from the Edmonton Eskimos, sources told

Prefontaine played for the Argos from 1998 to 2007 before being traded to Edmonton in 2008.

The Eskimos will receive backup Canadian defensive lineman Etienne Legare, a first-round pick of the Argos in 2009, and likely an additional player or draft pick.

The Argos need a punter because Jamie Boreham suffered a serious hamstring injury in the Argos' victory over Saskatchewan on Saturday and is sidelined indefinitely. The Argos used place kicker Jason Medlock, an import, after Boreham's injury, but want to go with a proven Canadian. Rookie Grant Shaw has struggled this year, but is still on the roster.

The deal is the first for new Eskimo general manager Eric Tillman.

The Eskimos have a backup punter/kicker in Canadian Derek Schiavone, who is in his third year but has played sparingly behind Prefontaine. He has a career total of 13 successful field goal in 14 tries and has punted 12 times for an average of 39.3 yards.

Thanks for the update cfl. I had a feeling Tillman would pull the trigger and there was mention of it (possible trade perhaps with Toronto) a week or so earlier in an article I read somewhere. Sad to see Prefontaine go as I thought it would be someone else; but Schiavone has proven he can get the job done. This is just the start (changes) of what is going to happen down the road.

Some interesting comments from Prefontaine. I guess the brass didn't like him lipping off. :lol:

[i]"It was a surprise. There were some things I was unhappy with from a schematic perspective but I did not foresee this coming at this particular time," Prefontaine said at the airport before leaving.

The San Diego State product was not comfortable with a number of ideas from the coaching staff, including one-step punting and conceding safeties at a record pace.

"I went through the entire chain of command in the Edmonton organization from my coach to the head coach to management and I expressed my discomfort with it," said Prefontaine. "But I also understood as a player, you get paid to do a job and if your caoch asks you to do something, you do it."[/i]

I was baffled at first, but then I read what they got in return including an undisclosed bunch of money.

The open question now is, "So where does Medlock end up?"

The only thing I can think of IMO Chief on why Pre stated those comments are; Prefontaine may have felt that he could get a decent punt off with perhaps a good bounce and thus anything (fumble) can happen. Also he may have felt the coach/s had no confidence that he could get them out of field position trouble. Someone mentioned in these forums somewhere that Noel can kick a ball inside of a gym and with great length. I do remember my first football expierience at Commonwealth and was amazed at how low his kicks were (even fieldgoal attempts into the wind) that went a fair distance.

I'll be honest, I only posted that to stir the pot a bit. :lol: I'm not sure why Edmonton traded him, but I'm not too heartbroken. As I mentioned in another topic, he has a lot of talent, no question, but I can remember cursing him quite a few times for his shanked punts. It's like for every couple good punts, he's gotta kick a 20-yarder. :lol:

I'm curious to see what this other kid's like.

The Esks just grabbed Medlock. :o

Totally lol’d at this fan comment: “Tillman gets 2, potentially 3 players in exchange for Prefontaine. Check your watch and wallet when dealing with this guy.” :lol: