Esks to look at Free Agents?

I think the Esks should look at signing

Otis Floyd - our linebackers need more depth i think, Garret is old and will retire soon, Floyd would be amazing to have
Kenny Wheaton - DB's i cant complain about enough... hes a vetern, and we need veterns, not to mention hes a tremendous athlete.

and maybe
Elijah Thurmon - is Campbell does make TB and signs, Thurmon would be a great Slotback to replace him

those are my takes on this

Wheaton is also 33. I'd pass...

meh, i think he could be valuable, give him a 2 year contract, he can bring a lot of leadership, and thats what the young eskimos need right now

I've always enjoyed his play on the field and we could use a wily veteran with a lot of heart. Esp. 'cause we don't have to trade anything for him right now. Perhaps a new city is just what he needs to extend his career. :thup:

agreed to that my friend, Wheaton has been terrific despite age, nowadays players are playing longer, if we happen to sign him and we get lucky, he might stay around till he's 35 or 36, thirty six might be pushing it, but hey, it looks like he can still keep up and soar past most the younger players anyways.

i cant stress this enough, Sign him, if he dosent look good in training camp who cares? release him then, no problems there, that or keep him more of a mentor.

i wana see the headlines to the Edmonton Journal read ESKS SIGN WHEATON FOR A 2 YEAR CONTRACT