Esks @ Ticats

...seeing how Chief is nursing a hangover I guess I'll start this sucker off...

Go Cats..

Looks like a bit of rain in Hamilton, that or something is wrong with my TV picture…

yup, definitely raining in Hamilton!

Hamilton's Thompson messed up on that coverage! learn your responsibilities!!!!

Not a bad game so far, we got the early lead and our defense is holding Hamilton's O.

are games nolonger streamed live on

im at my uncles house and wanna catch some of the game on his laptop, as he only gets US channels on his dish.

...TD Cobbs...sounds like a good southern name....

WOW.. what a lateral on the pick for the Cats TD!!!!!!

YAY!!! 14-12 Hamilton :slight_smile:

Dang, that Porter looks poised..............How long's he been in the league?

I thought it takes 4 or 5 years to develop a QB

some QB's are more capable than others!

Porter takes 3 years to become a good Starter

meanwhile Durant is still trying! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Jackson!

shut your mouth and play the game without mouthing off to your opponents after you return the ball for 20 yards!

show some class!

I'd really love to the Cats take this one but I just don't see it happening :cry:

3rd and 1 in Shotgun???

who's brain fart was that?

Bogus unnecessary roughness call on Bolden never cost Hamilton...... Nice!

haha Koholdo costs the Esks a TD.. jee, shocking!

wow, another hold by Kaholdo! and he's arguing it ! hahahahaha

This has definitely turned out to be the kind of game everyone thought it would be. We might get overtime.

21-21,8 min.
EE. no Lloyd
Momentum Ham.