Esks Ticats Game

Didn't see a game thread started, so I thought I'd take the first shot...

Aberlour Abanadh cask strength 18 YO.

Whatcha drinking Chief?

missed FG for a single

FG Attempt almost was blocked - has merit as to why the ball missed/wide to the left.

No Boyd in the Esks lineup. Can't say I'm surprised.

TD should stand on review

Joseph to a wide open Fred Stamps at the one - leads to Messam TD ...8-0 Edmonton

Hamilton fans just giving it to their team and rightfully so. Just seems like there is no focus from this Ticat team. With the amount of talent they stacked their team with in the offseason, there is really no reason why this team is playing the way they are.

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Online link above for those of you in the US -- not on the regular online links...

Click OFF several of the links to see it.

You don't have to "download anything either. Those are BS.

That's right Gord Miller that's called passed coverage! It's also called Bakari Grant's whining as he fell to the ground. Dunigan rocks and shut your trap you biased Gord Miller! :x

Nice gain; Burris to Chris [Mo] Williams - leads to another FG...8-6 Eskies

I'm going to go out to buy some bourbon or some top (Canadian) whisky after the game.

Newcomer Peguese with a sack. good newa for Hamiltons defense he looks like he is ready to play after being buried on the depth Chart in BC where they were stacked at DE

Ouch that INT hurts williams and Hank not on the same page there

Wow blocked FG. not the kickers, the holders, or the long snappers fault everything was perfect a blown blocking assignment.

Blocked Field Goal - Hamilton TD to end the half...Cats lead 16-8
I commented earlier on the first Eskie FG attempt that was almost blocked - left side of the Ti-Cat clean.

Nothing yet. Just got in.

I'm so glad I decided to be a homer and pick Edmonton. :roll: Biggest story of the offseason will be what Tillman does at QB.

What's this? More confusion on the sidelines? Crandell needs to go. We need someone with more experience calling the offence.

I REALLY hate it when teams hand off to the RB five yards behind the line on 3rd-and-1. It fails so often that it makes no sense. Joseph is a good strong runner, he can get a single yard.

And Burris makes em pay real fast, TD to Fantuz.

Wow as opposed to last night's fast-motion train wreck, we have today a slow-motion train wreck. :roll:

Some heads have to roll this week in Edmonton.

We have gone from a surprising 4-2 to now after this game 5-6 against a team that just is not very good.

We are making Hamilton look today like they are winners of the Grey Cup.

Wow is Edmonton's offence so hapless that the defence has just stopped trying? :?

Quite possibly. After a while you start to realize that the offense can't come back from a deficit and it's demoralizing.

Of course you'd think pride would be a factor when Chris Williams make them look like a bunch of amateurs out there. What is it with bad tackling lately? Winnipeg yesterday and Edmonton today. Isn't that a basic skill that you should know at the pro level?

Well, I’m shutting this bullcrap off. I’ve other things to do. Crandell better get his walking papers soon. See ya later, bud. Please let the stadium doors hit your rump on the way out. :wink: