Esks Ti Cats 5 player deal

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Hamilton may have got the best of this deal. Austin has spent the last few years in the NCAA so he knows about Masoli and what he can do as most people I think have really underated him. This will be Masoli's 3rd year of pro football. Simon Lawrence will help at LB for sure and Greg Wojt a CFL all star Olineman. Edmonton may be clearing some space for some other signings

Ed Hervey, being the Esks head scout of late before becoming the GM for Edmonton knows his stuff and will do a significant job on trades/signings that will improve the ball club. As stated in the Quote above says a lot.

Thats the thing about CFL trades that look lopsided. Although Edmonton gave up some better players they have other non CFL import free agents that they are probably looking at and need to unload some players to make room on the roster. They traded these players for cap and roster space.

Hervey's plan