Esks Threw The Game!!!

TSN The Reporters suggested this... They are all a bunch of wannabe yanks so I don't see them as credible.... However there is some merit to it....
Sask was fighting for the chance to host a playoof game.... Esks were fighting to finish 3rd or fouth!
On a side note.... if the Riders and Lions both do the same thing this week (win/lose) Who gets a home playoff game????

P.S. you can access the this reporters clip on the TSN website by clicking "Watch more in our video player" then by clicking "libary"
Then scroll down and click "reporters" then click the latest eposode"
Then click to the end of the first segment on baseball ....the second segment is on the CFL....

They played like they were throwing it, didn't they? However, given that had they won, they could still have finished 2nd, it doesn't make much sense really.

Any self respecting athlete wouldn't throw a game and get embarrassed like that on purpose. Besides, even if they were throwing a game they would still try to protect Ricky Ray which they didn't do at all on Saturday.

They didn't throw the game they just didn't care. Its hard to win a game when teams are evenly matched and one team wants it and the other just doesn't care.

You know, if the Eskimos were fighting to finish third or fourth, why would they throw the game? In order to finish third, they had to beat Saskatchewan... If you want to say they threw the game so that they could get the cross over, that'd be a different matter. But as someone else already pointed out, they would have tried to protect Ray, which they didn't do.

to even suggest that a team would throw any game, is absolutely ludicrious!

OJ Simpson has more credibility than the panelists on this show... to say the Esks threw the game would be like saying the soccer hooligans are the best behaved fans anywhere.

even if it was feasible that any team would throw a game, no one would let themselves get embarrassed like that. At least they would have tried to keep it close. Specially against hated riders. I dont think anybody would purposely lose to the riders to save their lives.

Oh yeah Ricky Ray purposely took mulitple hits.

Their wanted to get tackled without getting TDs.

Their Defence made interceptions to show that it looked like they were trying but in reality it was an elaborate rouge.

The O-line missed blocks on purpose because they enjoy putting their all star QB in danger.

Machokecha loves going into the playoffs on a losing streak - It really helps with team moral.

Scoring no TDs and 1 FG is the kind of feeling they love having before going into playoffss.

I sure do envy those Eskies.

Exactly. Athletes play to win. If you've ever played any kind of sport you would know that. Sleep, travel delays, wrong dinner combinations can all contribute to a poor performance.

5 - 5 against the west.

1 - 2 against Winnipeg & Montreal, if they lose to Montreal this week 1 - 3.

So why is it again they would throw the game ?

I doubt that the Esks threw the game, especially when their jobs are on the line.

The fact that they have been blown out before would indicate to me that this is a problem of which team will show up on which Sunday.

I’m sure no player would ever throw a game. To see how they approached the game is the key. To actually determine if they threw the game, you have look at the coaching staff. Which part of the game did the second stringers start to go into the game. Was the game still within reach? Cause i as well as another person know, they don’t pull Ricky Ray if it’s close.