Esks take on Adarius Bowman...

(snicker snicker, hide laugh) :lol:

wow I guess some people never learn..

Bowman has talent but he can hurt you with his attitude and lazy behaviour.

I guess Reed figures he'll wise up at his 3rd try.. :roll:

Head scratcher, just like the Armstead signing :?

I guess Kelly Campbell didn't drop enough passes last year...

I would rather see the esks focussing on GOOD Canadian talent more then this type of signing. This once amazing franchise is starting to act like the Argos of the west. No offense Argo tom!

Yes he did.
The problem is he also made some amazing ones. The guy is bipolar.

Reed? It's the GM who signs the players and it was Tillman who originally signed him in Saskatchewan.

i'm Sure that Reed made some nudges to Tillman.. afterall Reed was in Winnipeg and Bowman was there..

And Reed saw Bowman drop a lot of balls during that time.

Offer went out six minutes after SJ Green signed LOL !

they should have made it a Incentive Bonus plan..

for every catchable ball that Bowman drops he loses $1,000 off his salary.

:P :cowboy:

I don’t get the reaction here. So Bowman dropped a lot of balls. So what? Edmonton is trying to rebuild and aren’t exactly in a position to be picky about the receivers they pick up. Bowman has the physical tools; if Crandell can get him to focus, he could turn out to be a valuable signing.

The point is he doesn't seem to care.Did you miss the game where he dropped 2 key passes in a row and chuckled all the way to the bench?If you're going to sign a guy who doesn't care and gives little to no effort, what kind of message is that sending?

It sends a message that you don't care about the past; you're only focused on the present and future. If Bowman doesn't perform in camp, he'll get cut. If he does perform, he'll make the roster. Either way, who gives a crap about what happened in Winnipeg? It's not like he has personal issues or some sort of criminal past. He just dropped a few balls and chuckled afterward. You don't know him. Maybe nervous laughter is his normal reaction. Doesn't mean he doesn't care.

Also, he did not 'chuckle all the way to the bench.' That's an exaggeration.

He dropped a lot of balls when he was with the Bombers and he dropped a lot of balls when he was with the Riders. During his 3 years in the CFL he has yet to show that he can consistently hold on to the ball. He’ll be brilliant for a game or two - just enough to get your hopes up that he’s turned the corner and then BAM! back to his old self.

...dropping a few passes + chuckling about it = criminal past... :lol: :lol:'s proven too, once I saw Adam Braidwood lose his grip on a ball and laugh about it...

:lol: Now that made me laugh out loud!

At any rate, it does make things more fun for Eskimos fans. Now we can start a pool: Who drops more balls, Bowman or Campbell, how many, etc.? I'm thinking a couple bucks a square.

I was going to suggest a drinking game, but I don't want to be responsible for anyone dying...

It does matter, it's not pee wee football.You shouldn't find your shortfalls funny, you should be trying to fix them and improve your game.Both of which he never did, thus was released.He has huge potential but doesn't seem to know how to use it.He's sort of like Prechae Rodriguez, he'll make a few spectacular catches but when you're counting on him to make an average catch to get a first down, forget about it.Both of them will be released during or after TC.

But why are you getting your panties in a bunch if you're so certain he'll be released during or after TC? If he gets cut, then he gets cut. If he sticks around, it will be because Reed and Crandell think he's earned his spot. People here are so moralistic about players. God forbid you let your guard down and laugh inappropriately on the field -- apparently for this capital offense you should be shunned like you have a communicable disease forever in perpetuity throughout the universe. :wink: It's just a game, man. He's only 25 years old. Did you always say and do the right thing at age 25? I know I sure didn't.

i as alwayss right when i was that age... then i got married and my percentage of right to wrong changed drasticly.

I don't know what I said at 25 because i'm 19 :wink: