Esks sweep series

Sorry Stamp fans, the chances of the Stamps winning at Common Wealth this Friday are pretty dismal.

Final score: Edmonton 48 - Calgary 22


.......hope for your sake you are correct or this will serve as a nice side dish for crow.......think RR and your O can get more than one TD this Friday?, just you think the TV boys will have a pre-LDC picture of RR to post on the graphic introductions?...won't look good when your #1 pivot is all black and blue from the WWE body slams Grace was registering against him every second play for the last thirty minutes.....seriously, marriocciband should replace your o line with some Grade-A Alberta Holsteins from Leduc, they'll be just as big and maybe offer better pass protection than your current squad......

From what I saw Montford and Jeanty had Buris runing scared most of the time.

Are you coming up for the game? doubt Burris was a running fool, Montford is an animal, that's why I pick him almost every week for the fantasy pool.......wish I could make it this friday, I keep telling my son we gotta do the return trip one of these years, unfortunately it won't be this one........should be a barnburner again....... will be interesting to see how my club reacts, right now there is a lot of po'd players, Lewis had an expletive filled quote about the two point conversion fiasco and there is other grumblings....but here is the interesting part, it wasn't critisism about each other, just the event and the loss itself, so it will be interesting to see if the stamps rally around the loss and try to avenge it or if they implode and begin the fingerpointing game......

One thing is for certain, crowd noise is going to be a HUGE factor. I'm guessing there will be over 53,000 in attendance.

.....that's massive, quite the party.......gotta do the trip next year.......

I'll be there, watching Calgary pull out a win over the esks :slight_smile:

If Burris can keep his fumbles to a minimum (less than three), then the Stamps probably have a small outside chance of getting a lucky bounce that will give them a fluky one-point win over Edmonton.

Otherwise, I predict the Esks will win by 15.

.......I'll take a 1 point fluky win any day of the week.......

Wow that many chicken dancers in one place must be a world record!

And after the game the eskie fans look like this

Marty York Reporting!

So far Burris is doing alright...not great, just alright. But Ray & his picks? He's falling apart in the first half. Have to see what he'll do in the second. crow........

.....geez, we're these guys even playing tonight?.......oh, wait a second, I think I saw them once or twice on the TV.........sort of running around.....

Burris was horrible when he was needed to complete at least one or two first downs in the 2nd half. They should have ran that same screen that Gessor tossed for the TD.

Could Burris have just one made one decent play to match that great D effort in that second half?

Pierce-I learned a lot about perseverance. Things aren’t always going to go your way. I’ve become so much more aware of the realities of the game and life…Things can be taken away from you. You can either sit back…or overcome it and fight through it…

........(hic).........there's a guy that knows his foosball........our offense basically shut down at 14:35 of the second Q..........can't understand it......where is the killer instinct?.......we could've moidered them bugsy........

Okay EE eat up my friend

Methinks EE has disappeared ... c'mon my friend, show your face :wink:

That game was the best impression of an NFL game I think I've ever seen from two CFL teams.

I think it's the Esks' turn for revenge next game.

At any rate, it looks like you Stamp fans have a reason to be excited for the first time in three years.

that game on friday was a fluke

Really?..I dont think so…