Esks still pressured to change name

Harpooning seals!!! They don't use clubs like they do in Newfoundland???

I think the traditional Inuit method for hunting seals was to wait above the seal’s breathing holes in the ice and harpoon them when they came up for air.

I can understand why Obed is upset because he does kinda resemble that Eskimo Football "Punter" mascot when you take a closer look and put them side by side. I didn't realize that Inuits looked liked big giant Football heads,who would'a thought ? :?

Which ones which ??? :wink: :roll: Can you see the resemblance ??? How dare the Eskimos have a mascot that looks like that !!!!

A little history on how the nickname came about that goes way back to around 1903 - The first date of a Rugby game between Calgary and Edmonton. The bitter rivalry between the two, the press used colourful nicknames to insult the rival teams home. Edmonton writers called Calgary the cow camp, writers in Calgary responded with Esquimeaux, an archaic name meaning Eskimos. The Eskimos name stuck for Edmonton in 1910.

No thanks. I like the Eskimos name. Not to mention I just bought a brand new jersey and don't want to be out 200 bucks.

You could argue that the "Redskins" may not be an appropriate name but the "Eskimos" name is like the Cleveland "Indians" - it's a common name for either native group that we don't use too much anymore.
But to be politically correct and modernize it to the Edmonton "Inuit" or Cleveland "First Nations" - is just ridiculouos................ :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Then of course they would need a new helmet logo as well, something like this............

the Edmonton Inuits
And instead of the fans yelling "GO ESKS GO"at the games and shortening the name to Eskies they could now yell "GO INS GO"and of course the new shortened name would be the Innies..........Innies ? Ooops!!! never mind it won't be long before somebody suggests that Innies sounds too much like Indians and we'll be right back to square one. :roll: :roll:..........Yup absolutely ridiculous indeed......and round and round it goes,where this thing called PC Stops nobody knows........... :roll: :roll:

I think they should change their name to tiggers

Nope !!!! We already have the Tigger-Cats. How about the Eeyores ? That way they could keep their double E's logo. :slight_smile:
The Edmonton Eeyores.......Ya gotta admit it does have a nice ring to it :slight_smile:

They could also change up those two totally offensive politically incorrect team mascots they have now and replace them with these two new ones :lol: :rockin:

Yup, instead of that disgusting dirty old polar bear mascot you can have a nice friendly PC "Donkey"instead and as for that other totally unacceptable Inuit looking big football headed mascot called "Punter" you could replace him and have another new mascot. Ladies and Gentleman allow me to introduce you to Edmonton's newest mascot.....PC "Pooh"ter..... :stuck_out_tongue: :rockin: :lol:

I just realized that Simon Fraser's football team is known as the Clan.

No doubt that word has a proud historical tradition, but it sure has been tainted by a particular group, even if the spelling I'm referring to is slightly different.

FFS if they have to change it to anything just call 'em the Eskies and be done with it.

All CFL fans should wear the team jersey with pride. Eskimos need to keep the name.

Ignore these PC lobby groups and tell them to pound sand.

My thoughts exactly. There are way too many of these kooks around.


The LOBBY Group!!! Consisted of 4 or 5 people who disagree with everything, every name, against everyone!!

Don't change the name.

There is none of us associated with the CFL who ever thought this name was derogatory. In fact we thought the opposite.

It was never a slang or demeaning name in North America like "Redskin"

Okay I have a few new alternative names for those "Redskins". I'll list them down below to see what everybody else thinks. Feel free to pick your favourite one of the bunch. I'm sure the PC gang wouldn't object to a few of the names chosen to replace the "Redskins" on this list. :wink: :cowboy:

Washington Whiteskins
Washington Blackskins
Washington Yellowskins
Washington Brownskins
Washington Pinkskins
Washington Purpleskins
Washington Foreskins
Washington Potatoskins
Washington Rumpelstilskins
Washington Slapmesomeskins

....AND that's the skinny on that for sure bobo...With reference to your previous post about the EI's ...looks too much like 'employment insurance'....that won't fly...Trudeau was just out there and Edm. didn't get any...go figure.

Problem Solved !!! Washington can keep their "Redskin" name :thup: :smiley:

All they have to do is tweak the logo and presto..... :slight_smile: :thup: :cowboy:

I have an even better idea.

Keep the name Redskins and just change the logo. Have a White Guy with lots of Acne.

Sorry, I meant to say caucasian. I just offended myself with my white guy slur.

Sorry if all other white guys feel the same offence. Crap I did it again.

When will I learn to be more sensitive to myself and others of my skin colour ?

Are we allowed to say skin colour or is the current term ethnic race ?