Esks still pressured to change name

He was a little before my time but I heard that " Indigenous" Jack Jacobs was a terrific ball player. I also personally think that the Blue Bombers should change their name as being called Bombers is an affront to terrorist activities and is too violent a name for some. Just a thought but I would like them to change their team name to something more friendly and less destructive , I’m thinking a name change to the Winnipeg Blue Berries would work rather nicely and it would be more fan friendly as to not offend anybody. :wink: :cowboy:

I was thinking the same thing about the truly offensive Bomber name. Blue Barries is acceptable.

As for Edmonton, they could go with the Edmonton EX-kimos.

I doubt the Edmonton Football Club changes their name, nothing was ever said as far as I can remember back in the early sixties. Mind you there is an Eskimo dog and they go by Eskies.

Some Inuit are proud Edmonton football team called Eskimos

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“We’ve all been very proud of the team being called Edmonton Eskimos. I’m honoured and almost humbled." - Michelle Gillis via @dstaples #CFL

"I see it as Inuit or Eskimos being resilient, very strong & courageous. Those are traits U would see in a football player.? - Gillis #CFL

Inuit elders, including her own mother, have always referred to themselves as Eskimos, Gillis says. - @dstaples #CFL #Esks

“It was never used as derogatory term … It’s not something that’s bad to us.? - Gillis via @dstaples #CFL #Esks

“We need to step back and not be so overly sensitive and point the fingers at everyone else? - Gillis #CFL #Esks via @dstaples

Leonard Pameolik Netser, 52, a trapper in Coral Harbour: “Honor us by keeping the name! We are Eskimos." - @dstaples #CFL #Esks

Netser: "Only a few handful dislike the name. The vast majority of us like it.?

“Everybody likes the name. It’s us. Every Inuk I know that watches football, their favourite team is the Edmonton Eskimos.? - Netser #CFL

Gillis, 35, tells me Obed doesn’t speak for the majority in her town. “We weren’t consulted on the issue." - @dstaples #CFL #Esks[/b]

next name change petition...

Indian Motorcycles changed to Native Americans Motorcycles.

sign here_______________________

I came across a list once of brands that a certain group want changed and sure enough, that's one of them.

This Obed character is a real piece of work, he could be the poster boy for "Political Correctness" talk about ridiculous,check out his interview with the CBS at last years Grey Cup. :roll:

He talks about how the Inuit's are not mascots and shouldn't be portrayed as such. Here are the Eskimos two official I'm just wondering which one of the two is portrayed as an Inuit ? The one looking like a Football
aka Punter or the one that looks like a Polar Bear aka Nanook ? This Obed guy is out to lunch if you ask me. :roll:

…Aw shucks bobo…you’re just miffed cuz we stole ‘never miss’ Medlock …I knew when we signed him it kinda ‘blew’ things up for you, but that’s what bombers do…heh heh…However I do like blueberries (especially pie) BUT the name has a ‘fruity’ ring to it that Bomber faithful would have a little trouble with…It wouldn’t be ‘politically’ correct in any event…That brings me to ‘politics’…blue…conservatives…on second thought I’m not going there :lol:

I have been thinking ABOOT this EH ?

I need to get with the PC program.

As a Calgarian , it has just occurred to me that I should be offended by the name Stampeders.

It has lead to an unfair stereotype . That us in Southern Alberta are nothing more than old west cowboys.

From now on we shall be called the Calgary White Horses.

I have sent this to the PC Board of Directors and have received approval.

One of the comments on the video makes a good point.

What about the Argonauts showing disrespect to ancient Greeks ?

Holy crap, how far does this go ?

Maybe the name Canadian should be changed to Upper North Americans.

:thdn: :roll:

I find that attitude so arrogant, even when the mascot does match the name better.

"I'm no one's mascot!"

No one said you were. Get over yourself. It's not all about you. It's just an image.

BTW, I forgot the RedBlacks. Very offensive to the proud Canadian logging industry.

What I would like to ask the guy is :

They have been the Eskimos for 67 years. Why did it take you so long to get pissed off ?

Some did say it sounded racist. Which reminds of the people who found hidden sexual messages in Disney movies. If you see sex everywhere, who's got the problem, exactly? Well, if you're so fixated on race that the mention of two colours sounds racist, maybe you're the one who needs an adjustment.

You know I was joking around right ? I only stated that because of how ridiculous this whole Eskimo thing is.
Along with my Stampeders and Argonauts statements.

Regardless, it just shows how some people need to find a problem when there is no problem, then let the world know about it.

I did. I was saying "you" to address that type, not you specifically.

But I was serious when I said that some people thought it sounded racist. Not enough to go on the types of attacks that some other teams get, but it came up a number of times. Weird.

Thanks for making that clear CRF.

BTW, you notice I stated " proud Canadian logging industry" as opposed to Lumberjacks.

Got to stay PC :roll:

Just wondering, what happens to all those cookies that are cut after the game ?

The cookie is branded with the REDBLACK Logo and presented to a deserving guest at the game.

OK thanks Linden. Very good marketing and fan relations. :thup:

I can understand it with a name like Redskins, which was used as a derogatory term. I can also understand some being upset with the Cleveland Indians logo, which is definitely a caricature. I don't understand why anyone would be upset with the Eskimos nickname. Isn't Edmonton nicknamed "The Klondike City"? It's not like the Eskimos have an offensive logo, or have a parka-clad mascot coming out of a fibreglass igloo building inukshuks and harpooning seals.