Esks still pressured to change name

Q&A with Inuit President who wants Edmonton Eskimos to change name
Natan Obed called for the Eskimos to change their name last season and has since met with the team.

[b]When Natan Obed, president of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami, wrote an op-ed calling on the Edmonton Eskimos to lose the slang word for Inuit from their name, it ignited a discussion in our city.
In January, the team invited Obed to Edmonton to talk it out. Metro finally got both sides on the phone to talk about the meeting.

Metro: Has your position on the name changed?
Obed: It’s pretty simple from our end that the change in team name is what we hope for. The dialogue that we may have started is one that I’m grateful that they were open to … but until the name is changed, there really isn’t much more to talk about.

Metro: Is there any way they could use the name more respectfully?
Obed: Well, the idea that a professional sports entertainment franchise would hinge upon the use of another group of people as its mascot is something that isn’t a very strong argument. If the Edmonton team wants to incorporate more Inuit culture into their functions, that’s their prerogative. But, at the end of the day, the name is the thing that is problematic.

Metro: Your position is somewhat controversial, even within the Inuit community.
Obed: What I’ve said and will continue to say is that there are Inuit that are offended by it and we should live now where we try to ensure that we are providing a safe environment.
I don’t ever want to be called that term… I played sports — I grew up playing hockey, and I’ve been called a 'dirty Eskimo' and a 'n*****.' I’ve been called all sorts of names, and I know just how deeply those things hurt and how deeply they change perception of yourself. And the fact that it is still okay for the Edmonton football team to use that name every single day when it is not okay to use it in any other context to describe our people? That’s something we need to come to terms with.

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this is getting ridiculous...

Cox: Offensive Blackhawks logo has got to go
No right-thinking person would name a team after an aboriginal figure these days any more than they would use any other ethnic group to depict a specific sporting notion.

[b]Does anybody notice, or should anybody notice, that the team that will open this series on home ice skates out with the cultural equivalent of a cigar store Indian on their chests every night?

At a time when sports leagues and schools around North America are either debating the dubious value of having native peoples used as mascots and nicknames or getting rid of those mascots and nicknames entirely, the NHL and the Chicago Blackhawks seem awfully casual about it, supremely confident that no one will dare question the racial sensitivity of the large aboriginal likeness that serves as the logo of the hockey club.
It’s as if nobody notices, or wants to. The same folks who never would have one of those disgraceful black jockey statues on their lawn will proudly wear a cartoon aboriginal face on their chests.

Clearly, no right-thinking person would name a team after an aboriginal figure these days any more than they would use Muslims or Africans or Chinese or any ethnic group to depict a specific sporting notion.
Hockey fans, of course, being overwhelmingly male and white, hate these kinds of discussions. Political correctness, they howl, just like the debate over putting women in the Hall of Fame.

But you have to wonder if anyone in the Bettman administration has taken a break from preening to thoroughly consider the racially insensitive image it publishes every day on its website and is seeking to popularize even further over the next 10 days to two weeks of this Cup final.[/b]

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The Blackhawk crest is actually respect for the chief who was the 1st and maybe the only time a native addresss congress. It shows how stupid these PC people are. I have seen many times where the Inuit refer to them selves as eskimoe. It seems these people, have nothing better to do the whine and divide the country.

The Redskins logo was designed by the president of the Blackfeet Nation at the time, if I recall correctly.

There's a native group now trying to stop this movement from erasing their history further, as you describe with the Blackhawk example.

CFL News ?@CFL_News
Natan Obed wants #CFL's Eskimos to change their name, but he doesn't speak Inuktitut fluently via @upheremag

I'm not much sure how this is much different that using Vikings, Irish, Celtic, or other groups of people? Is it that it's an outdated name for them?

I can see the problem some people would have with the Redskins, as it is actually describing a feature of their race that was used to discriminate. But the Blackhawks are named after an army division, which was named after a famous Native leader. So in my eyes naming things after his is a sign of respect. You don't name your teams after things you don't respect.

Sort of. Eskimo means something along the lines of "blubber eater" (depending on your source) and is no longer used by some. Probably many people used the term not knowing its actual meaning but once made aware of it, stopped using it. In that sense, it's outdated.

As mentioned above, why doesn't anyone care about the name "fighting Irish"? That's as stereotypical as they come.....

Because Irish are white. That's why no one cares.
Same with Vikings.

All these cry babies need to be put in the dirt, IMO.

In Alaska (US) they are called "Eskimos" not Inuit, so Edmonton could say they are named after the Alaskan Eskimos

Most Alaskans continue to accept the name "Eskimo," particularly because "Inuit" refers only to the Inupiat of northern Alaska, the Inuit of Canada, and the Kalaallit of Greenland, and it is not a word in the Yupik languages of Alaska and Siberia.

Here is what the Eskimo organization should do about this.

Not a damn thing.

Ignore it. The word Eskimo means raw meat eater. That could be a polar bear or a house cat that brings home a fresh bird or mouse kill.

However, later on is was to refer to a regional race.

Really, people need to find real problems to solve.

This one is beyond time wasting.

What is this guy going to do ? Form a bus load caravan and drive down to Commonwealth Stadium and protest ?

BTW, whatever the name , they will still suck.

Go Stamps Go

My favourite one of these types of stories involves an Asian-American band named The Slants.

On December 22, 2015, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled in favor of The Slants regarding the trademark case against the United States Trademark and Patent Office who had sought to prevent The Slants from trademarking their name considering it offensive towards people of Asian descent
Two things:
  1. I didn't even know that "Slant" was a slur against Asian people so thanks for adding to my vocabulary if I were inclined to speak that way.

  2. I'd never heard of this band with the "offensive" name. This attack on them has actually been great promotion for them.

Where this garbage comes from, scary and enlightening article.

I’m surprised nobody is complaining about the “Indians” nickname? While the term Indian is more commonplace in the U.S…I don’t see a big difference from that and an Eskimo. Perhaps the Esks could go back to the original spelling, Esquimaux from the early 1900’s?

...Pretty tough for a person of my generation to change 'name and terms' referring to persons living in the north in this country, when that's what we were taught in school...And if Eskimo means 'blubber eater' that is most likely because of what they subsisted slag there as far as I'm concerned...Changing names of bodies of water to appease a few that have been in place for years is nonsense...I've just about had it up to here with all of this 'political correctness'...As far as the Blackhawk name goes....if the team wanted they could break up the words and call themselves the black hawks...or would there be something wrong with that as well, calling a hawk black...That was a proud indigenous nation in any event...What the hell is wrong with these politically correct people anyway..Tail wagging the dog. :thdn: :roll:

Well actually there have been a number of times when people have asked Notre Dame to explain their team name.

In answer to those questions - you can find this on Notre Dame's website. At one point their team name was the 'Catholics'

Here how they became the 'Fighting Irish - and how the university looks at the name as a badge of honour because of the struggles Catholics and the Irish overcame in the USA.

[b] Why the “Fighting Irish??[/b]

Many people wonder (or worry) about Notre Dame and that word, Irish. To us, it doesn't mean race exclusively; nor is it just another nickname. The fact is, it keeps alive the memory of a long, uphill fight for recognition against a spirit that was not always generous, nor even fair-minded. The Irish, as known at Notre Dame, has an authentic history and a meaning deeper even than race.

Notre Dame began athletic relations chiefly with local colleges founded by various denominations. Press reports would refer to the schools as the “Baptists? or the “Methodists,? and the like. For Notre Dame it was the “Catholics,? or the “Irish.? But the players were never all of Irish ancestry; nor were they all Catholics.

The usage was not original, but a continuing custom from earlier Colonial times. The bulk of the first Catholic immigrants were Irish -- so that Catholics and Irish were identical in the public mind. It is sad to recall now, but few of the original states were without laws against them. Advertisements for ‘help wanted’ commonly carried the restriction: “No Catholics. No Irish.? The Puritans were the first to cry: “Stop the Irish!?

When the religious origin of other colleges lost its significance, the emphasis shifted to conventional names, and to their school colors. But history is recorded remembrance in our blessed heritage here at Notre Dame. Fighting Irish! It’s more than a name; more than a people. It is the Faith!

In narrow, little New England, it began as a slur -- a term of opprobrium. But we took it up and made of it a badge of honor -- a symbol of fidelity and courage to everyone who suffers from discrimination; to everyone who has an uphill fight for the elemental decencies, and the basic Christian principles woven into the texture of our nation. Preserving this tradition, and this meaning of Irish at Notre Dame does honor to everyone of us. It explains why Lewinski belongs here; why Alessandrini is the Irish leader; why Schmaltz belongs here; why Bertrand, and Moreau, Van Dyke, and Larson feel at home here as much as do Leahy and O’Brien.

If claiming a name to be a 'badge of honour' gets them a free pass, then every team should make such a claim.

But as somebody of Irish heritage I have not heard of many (any?) of us who feel that name is insulting to us - and in fact because of the name 'Fighting Irish' a lot of people of Irish descent tend to cheer for Notre Dame simply because of the name - especially once the origin of the name is explained. I know that is part of how I became a Notre Dame fan as a kid.

That is quite different from some of the situations - in particular the Redskins - where sizeable portions of a community feel insulted by use of that team name. And unlike situations like the Seminoles of Florida State - where the name is being used with the blessing and support of the Seminole community .

Personally I think if it is true that a number of Inuit are insulted by Edmonton using the team name the Eskimos - then IMO changing it would be the classy and right thing to do - just like when Stanford dropped the name Indian in the 1970's when asked to do so by Native American groups when they became the Cardinal.

Having done that reflects well on Stanford IMO now that about 40 years have passed since they made that change. You would be hardpressed to find anybody involved with Stanford today saying changing the name was the wrong thing to do.

Friggin' JOKE......SCREW POLITICAL CORRECTNESS !!!! If fact be known the majority of these soap box screaming Yahoos don't even follow the teams or sports that they're crying about as fans or even go to the games. Bunch of damn MORONS if ya ask me with too much time on their hands.....GOD I HATE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.....SCREW THEM ALL !!!!!

If this post Offends anybody..........GOOD :smiley:.....just report it and have it deleted or will only prove my point :wink: :rockin:

.....I wonder what the heck these politically correct people would have done if they would have walked into the 'house that Jack built' (Winnipegs football venue in the 50's) and seen the Bombers starting Indian Jack Jacobs ( a name he was known by and liked) guiding the professional football team..My how times have changed and NOT for the better. :roll: :roll:

Are there any Native posters on here that can weigh in with their point of view?