I hope we get absolutely crushed and stomped on this game, only way we can make some coaching changes ASAP I do think we have the talent on the field but not onthe sidelines. Our o-line coach should be one of the first to go as well as Reed.

Hervey extended Reed after week one. He won't be fired, in order to save Hervey's ego. It's not even the o-line coach it's simply the o-line. Hervey put in a half assed job in the rebuild. You go get your franchise QB the next thing you do is get your o-line, not Odell Willis.

More simple tackling on Cornish. He couldn't juke his way around a light post.....#OpenFIeldMachine lol

Well, this game isn’t shaping into very much. Here’s hoping it picks up before the half. :expressionless:

I seem to recall Cornish doing alright against the Melonhead defence a few weeks back. What's that make them?

Why do we use Burnette on punt returns he never moves his feet.

Ummm a defence that had given a lot of open field in that game?? How bout week 2 when they actually tackled him and closed the gap?? What were they then?? I'm not saying he's a bad player, he just won't make a defender miss like Sheets and Harris. Read the post with more detail next time.

#TacklingDummies lol

My 5 year old nephew just laughed at that

:roll: :P

The nickname for the Edmonton offensive line should be Swiss Cheese. It`s gotta be the worst O line in the league; feel sorry for Reilly.

...well, you're supposed to play to your crowd, comedy 101

Ok so now who can I criticize

Me too. I'd walk up to Hervey's office throw my helmet on his desk and demand an O-line

Don't bring in Joseph!!!



...has been this way for a few years now, don't mind the esks strategy one bit

While your jokes are flatter than paris hilton's chest, i''ll give you a :thup: on being a good sport about it


I think we may have tired out the Calgary offense

...I'll be here all week, remember to tip your server, and I was taking flak for bad jokes :roll: :twisted: