This could be a good one, if the OL gives Reilly some time. As a Rider fan I'm rooting for the Esks in this one.

Also rooting for the Esks, for selfish reasons. I also just hope we have a good game too, no blowouts.

For the sake of the standings I'm rooting for the Eskimos to win this one... and I also very much dislike the Stamps.

:thup: :thup:

Once again the key to Cornish is tackling. He won't beat you in open space if you can get bodies on him. He's not like Sheets or Harris, he won't make you miss. He can't beat you with his feet.

Bit of a cheap PI call. Seems like our refs have been easily fooled by a good acting job this season.

Once again the crappy cfl officials make a horrible call. When are they going to stop using guys who ref high school games?

NBC Sports Network is not showing the game as listed in the US Broadcast Schedule.

This is B.S. :thdn:


It's really Getting to be too much. Almost to a point of stop watching, which really hurts to say that

As a WR all you have to do is fall over or stumble when a DB makes contact and the CFL refs will call it PI. It's rediculous.

Agree with you on the PI call. Defender just tipped it away from behind - Not sure how that could be PI!! :thdn: :thdn:

EDM def is starting to get fired up! O has to stay on the field longer to keep them fresh

Bad read Reilly. Solid coverage. Throw the ball away

Well this is exciting.....

What!! Thats not pass interference but the Eskimos one was ? With reffing like that it’s I get why were 1-7 soon to be 1-8

Don’t worry that your team is 1 -7 , but blame the refs :roll: . The refs will continue to make mistakes , just like everybody else in their jobs.

Sorry bud while I obviously agree PI penalty on EDM was BS that play was innocent. Simple hand fighting.

Stamps already seem to be running away with this one and we aren't out of the 1st Q. Esks dodged a bullet with that "almost" INT! :expressionless:

Edmonton just got a break on the review on Heffneys Pick !