Esks @ Stamps

Without question a huge game for the Eskimo's and the Stamp's would love to put another nail in Edmontons coffin. This game is not quite a must win for Eskimo's but it is awfully close. The Green and Gold are running out of chances.

Hope it's a good game, will be neat to see all the Stamp's alumni on the sidelines, should be a good night.

At 1-5, I'd say every game is a must win for Edmonton. :lol:

As we saw last night, anything can happen in the CFL...

you make it sound like Toronto was not meant to win that game last night..

Esks have NO shot today of winning.

We'll see, still a chance to win as the game has not been played yet. However, I just hope it's not going to be 52-6 Calgary. I like Hufnagel and what he's done with the Stampeders as a whole. Looking forward to the game. :wink:

Pretty much every team has played Calgary tough except for the Riders (go figure eh). Edmonton I think is better than BC who hung around last week. Calgary definitely should win this game, but it's a bit of a trap game for them.

Im going to predict an Edmonton upset in this game. Edmonton 27, Calgary 23.

Well Edmonton is going to have to learn to beat the stamps eventually.
3 out of the next 4 games are against them.

Clip and save.

I would agree that it is UNLIKELY that Edmonton will win. . . if I were a betting man, I wouldn’t put any money on their chances.

But it is equally unlikely that I’d ever say that any team has NO shot at winning. . . it’s just too definite a statement, such that if I said something like that and the upset happened, I’d look like an idiot. Especially if I had been passing myself off as a football expert of some sort.

I don't want to say this, but what the heck. Calgary wins 37-18. But I do like what greenandwhite said better; 27-23 Edmonton. :thup:

I'll say Calgary in a blowout. The other three games this weekend have been blowouts (or at least one team had control throughout), so why not this one.

Because we are due for a barn burner this weekend.

I, for one, would
omg, just suck it up and spit it out.....
ok, here goes....

I'd like to Edmonton win.

There. Band-aid ripped off. Usually the only team I cheer for Edm to beat is BC. But man, I'd like to see the Riders tied for top spot again....

i'd rather earn it than have a team lose and give it to us.

That's a loser attitude...

Watching the pre-game show. Man, if Calgary uses that one D-Lineman formation against us, we're screwed. Our O-Line is bad enough, we don't need this crap. :lol:

They better keep an ambulance nearby.

Calgary/Edmonton always seems to bring out the best in Edmonton, which I hate!, it seems as if Calgary goes slightly catatonic when playing Edmonton and I expect a tight game, Calgary taking too many penalties will play a role. I think my Stamps will win but it will closer than many think.

Go Stamps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, oh yea, go Zebra's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a good game and don't **** it up :smiley:

Haven't you guys owned us the last couple seasons? I mean, one or two games aside, I thought the series was a little one-sided recently.

I'm talking in general over the years, and in recent years as well. But the Stamps in recent games have had and edge yes, but I'm always nervous that this will be one of those games where Calgary stinks and the Eskies can do no wrong :wink: . I hope its a barn burner though.

Football game to air on TSN 2 until golf is over, I suppose?

Appears that way.