Great job on D stamps! hats off to you! Nice catch by Tucker, too little too late though! Good game Calgary!

Wow, I think the Stamps did everthing possible to lose that game. You can't give enough praise to the Stamps D.

That was one of the best catches I have seen in a long time.

I do like the second logo on the main page, hope that becomes the primaly logo someday.

I am happy.........but hopefully I will be happier SAT..........

Could Henry Burris just have completed one pass to open receivers in the second half to provide some support to a terrific defensive effort?

The screen that Gessor tossed for the long TD run after the catch when Burris was hurt was the kind of play Buratto should have given Burris when he was struggling so badly in the second half. That was a shockingly bad effort by a QB on a team that was winning.

.......'kay, like I'm thinking Tucker WHO? for 58 minutes and that catch doesn't make #1 Play of the Week on TSN I'm personally flying to Toronto to hit the TSN President in the forehead........right in the forehead.....

Yes I agree Tucker just showed his stuff after being shut out most of the game. That catch was replay material for the future.

GOOD , I will join you.................KEITH PELLEY , was much better. :lol: :smiley:

It was a thing of beauty , but too late.Maybe the catch of the year...........NFL.........stuff........... :wink: :smiley:

.....nope........(insert John Wayne voice)..........CFL stuff pilgrim.........

AWWWWWWWWW , no lightening? :lol:

I'm not convinced about being in 2nd place.... hell there's still the chance of missing the playoffs! It's a tough schedule ahead with BC twice, Toronto once, even Saskatchewan is going to be tough to beat in my mind.... then we have the rematch in Calgary. Calgary's got a much easier schedule.... Esks better shape up, make some changes because the offense didn't look any different than in the 2nd half in calgary.... I'm not convinced about this team and we're past labour day.... I think I'm less convinced than i was at the starting of the season because instead of improving, the eskies are going the other way and that's got many of us worried.... JUST BEAT SASK IN SASKABUSH PLEAAAAAAASE.... I don't want to hear it from my girl friends family..... W.E RALLY UP THE BOYS MACOCIA, YOU'VE ALL GOT SOME WORK TO DO.... Oh ya and Hervey should be back practicing next week!!

Well stamps D had a good game though I think the ineptitude of our offense had more to do with it. Our D was freaking awesome but that is going to get lost in the mix. Overall it was a great night for the defenses all around. I do think that this officiating crew was deeply biased agaisnt the eskimos. I Know I Know another whiner against the refs. No I don't think the refs stole this game because we did not deserve to win, but come on 1 holding call against the stamps. We had at least 5 ( all well deserved) and calgarys OL was holding at least as much probably more. A horrible spot on that 3rd & 1.
4 consectutive No yards calls mistakes, two wrongly called on the esks 2 missed on the stamps. The list goes on.

Thats it I'm done ranting. Maybe I'm just POed that our offense sucked so much.

Stamps D my a**

There are 2 reasons why the Eskimos lost today.

  1. Crappy uniforms. Just like the Oakland Raiders are when they play in white. :twisted:

  2. That game was dubbed "the Alberta Pork Labour Day Classic: The Rematch". When your game sponsor is "Alberta Pork", you really can't win. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why you need a running game for a balanced attack, WEATHER. Although Mclendon really did step up his game it wasnt enough.

Edm's high powered passing attack was neutralized by the Stamps D and slippery conditions, you can bet if Edm hosts the Semi final, weather will be a factor.

Wow you know just when we thought all the whining about refs was over and then you came a long. I thought the refs favored the esks IMO. But hey they called a good game. I could mention a few calls but why bother it does not change a thing. Your team sucked get over it.

--Oh cmon man. Like Edmonton didnt have any calls go their way. How about AJ Gass ripping Nik Lewis' helmet off, and then, a good two or three seconds after the play was over, slapping a headlock on him and pulling his headband off. Which was even re-played on the big screen at Commonwealth, to which I was hollering. And CALGARY ends up getting the unsportsmanlike conduct, for one of the Stamps(cant remember who) coming in to help Nik. Awful, awful call.

I wonder if eskihuber noticed the Ray fumble , the one where the ball got knocked out of his hand before it went forward , and yet it wasn’t ruled a fumble?? Didn’t think so. (this coming from an unbiased fan of neither team)

Oh cmon are you people blind, anyone could see that the Alberta fix was on for this one. It reminded me of the days when the Soviets would play the Czechs at the World Hockey Championships and the games would always end in 0 - 0 tie, just to ensure that they both made the medal round. Well the Esks did their best impersonation of the Soviets last night by rolling over to the Stamps....oh and btw I have a bridge for sale in San Fransico if anyone is interested...

Thats nothing more than Pure old fasion communism Pigseye, happens every time when one of those dancer's from Alberta, starts pountanging around with those show folk fags.