Esks @ Stamps - The Real Labour Day Classic. :-P

Oh shut up, Suitor...that was not helmet to helmet.
Shoulder to helmet, maybe, but not helmet to helmet.

Definitely ran his shoulder into him, and it looked like he left his feet. Could see the league discussing it.

…yay! Quick-Six run

And now they're paying for that bad snap. 7-0 Calgary.

...i thought he left his feet too

I'll grant that the head was the primary contact. I'll also grant that it maybe could have been a penalty. I just hate it when announcers immediately start screaming "helmet to helmet" like its some kind of mantra.

Clean hit or no, Cornish definitely came to play.

God, I can sense another 1-point performance. :frowning:

..still better than the bombers brown pants

Per the announcers, Tom Higgins in at the game and says the league will review the Cornish block

God, I hate watching this offence.

…I see Tate is kicking back with his iPod buds in…dude reeks of coolness…

...haha, Lewis...beast mode...

Whereas our QBs just reek.

...forgot to commend you Chief on the title of this thread, this is the LDC that set the bar high

...but Tate doesn't reek of sweat :frowning:

Rod Williams with the pick from Glenn


Agreed , but has been surpassed by the game in Regina.Not even close. The pre game stuff in Regina is better than some Grey Cup festivities! Lot of empty seats in Ca;gary today!

Glad the D keeps getting turnovers, but we need field position to accompany them. The O isn't gonna be able to march the ball 80-90 yards.

...doing a pretty good job of disproving your opinion