Esks @ Stamps - The Real Labour Day Classic. :-P

I'd like to see the Esks win, but I need a Stamps win to stay ahead of Jman. :lol:

I can't believe you put yourself before our team shame on you chief.

Hey, Jman and I have an intense rivalry, and I refuse to lose to him. He picked Edmonton, and when I found out Joseph was starting, it made the decision a little easier. :lol:

Edit: I could've actually cheered for Edmonton if Hamilton had won, but they decided to do their weekly second half collapse. :x Now I'm between a rock and a hard place. :lol:

I'm surprised that Messam is playing and they chose to sit Boyd. I wonder how Boyd feels? here he is leading the league in rushing yards then gets traded now he is a scratch, things can't get any worse for him.

Edmonton could release him.

But no Boyd means no three card monte play. I'm disappointed. :cry:

Not sure they want to release him with Messam's knee being suspect. maybe it was an Import ratio

I'd definitely keep all 3 for a little longer, was just pointing out that things could get worse. :smiley:

Nice of Sherritt to speak so highly of the D-line. :thup:

Austin Pasztor could be back too - not sure how all of this will play out though. However, I suspect a trade with Boyd/another Eskie player in a package deal perhaps?.....just saying

Problem with trading Byod is first, we'd have to find another team to take him. I'm sure Toronto tried to trade him and couldn't find any partners. Most teams seem to be set at RB. Second, we'd have to include a player another team would be interested in. I don't know how likely a trade involving Boyd is. It'd be nice if Messam returned to health and we could get something for Boyd since he was pretty much a free player, but...

The Eskies have three kickers too - Schiavone; will he get traded? shortage of non-Imports for sure.

All these backs and kickers, and what we really need is a QB. :lol:

You know, with all these backs and no QB, Edmonton should use the Wildcat more often. :smiley:

maybe we shouldn't have one just dress running backs.

someone should take that horse back to the barn it aint running today. :cowboy: :cowboy:

Just realized that Joseph was starting and headed to the VGCC thread to quickly change my pick to CGY before they kick off…

OK, those red pants on the stamps actually give edmonton the 2nd ugliest uniforms in this game :cowboy:

Glad the D got the fumble. For a while it looked like they were playing in the fourth quarter with a lead.

Best punt of the season right there.

Holy bad long-snap, Batman!

Bad snap by King; not Dales fault...oh well