Esks @ Stamps Round 3

There is a lot of football left.
In other words lots of games left for the Stamps to loose BLM for the season.

I hope to never see a season like this again for QB's

I will go out on a limb and suggest the winner of this game will finish first.

I don't think the Stampede/rs will lose BEEF, LAMB and MOOSE :cowboy: 3-1 Eskimos

sorry Edmonton, not going to beat Calgary with an average completion of less that 10 yards

Hard to say with Edmonton leading 14-10 at the half. Good game so far though.

Fun game to watch; two of the best defensive minds in the CFL playing chess against one another.

True enough, thus the Tiger Cats D is competitive also.

Edmonton is winning the punting game, back and forth they go - come on Bo-Levi get it done!
15-11 Eskies lead

...the better team won...good defensive game, and the stamps almost get shut out in the second half...

ok, so technically I was wrong, but the Edmonton O did not win this game at all. Edmonton D with a little help from maver is what got the job done.

Edmonton Ottawa Grey Cup.

I would like that. My two fav present QBs

It should also be pointed out that Eskimos were also shut out in the second half.

This game easily is the most craptastic game of the year. It's also like both teams have forgotten how to run an offence....

it was an absolutely great defensive game. I loved it

NO controversial ref call to help decide the game

low turnovers and game not won, just saved on a turnover

I don't think there were any long plays brought back by penalty.

a very enjoyable game indeed

Yeah right, at least it wasn’t a game decided by horsesh*t calls, and there was some good defense being played. Of course when it’s a low scoring game it automatically means that the offense was terrible.

Obviously you didn't watch the Hamilton practice last night. Worst game of the season by miles.

Was it a good D game or a bad O game ??????

Some of both.

Regardless ZZZZZZZZZZ.

I think the EE will finish in 1st. However, might not be that great for them .

They have a buy on the last week of the season. They would then have 3 weeks of down time.

Great for injuries, not great for momentum.

Time will tell.

well, one is either a total cfl fan, or just a scoringoffense fan.

Everyone is a fan of offence & scoring, otherwise you're just a fan of paint drying....

yeah, but you ignored the word JUST

Sadly, I was in the car for the end of the fourth quarter. But I was absolutely floored when I got home and opened up the boxscore. For once Edmonton takes the season series in the Huff era.

But I do have one little nitpick. WTF happened to our offence? It seems like scoring more than two touchdowns is a monumental struggle.