Esks/Stamps - Rainy day at Commonwealth....

Going to be a soaked grass field today, been raining a few hours now. Going to be a soaked group of fans too (except those in the luxury suites and in the covered seating).


eskimos dominate....

remember last season, early ( maybe week 4 ), the esks were losing to BC...then the rain came and it seemed the eskies had the edge in the mud...came back to win the game.

i pick the esks over any team in the mud....'thier muther was a mudder'

Great line! :lol:

Should definitely make for an interesting game. I just hope this doesn't mean there's going to be a lot of mistakes made.

Rain has stopped, sun coming out... but the forecast is still for a 70% chance of more rain this evening.

Is it heavy rain?

It was a pretty good rain. Break in the clouds now, but plenty of menacing ones still over the place... I definitely think it will rain again today.

Looks like there's a pretty good downpour right now.

Nice Job AJ! do something absolutely retarded and throw your opponents helmet! Way to get DQ'd! Knew you'd step up and fulfill your duty! :lol:

Pretty boring game so far... and I'm sure the announcers aren't helping. These guys are so boring to listen to. No life to them whatsoever. :lol:

They are better than Lee/Walby. You hear Lee say "up the gut" so many times, you want kick him there each time he says it.

....makes a hell of a drinking game, though.....

LOL @ jm. :lol:

This was kind of a disappointing game to watch. I knew Edmonton lost as soon as they settled for the FG. :frowning:

they played for the tie-- -- play for the win-- who plays for the tie in football?

We were simply not destined to win that football game... even had the defence stepped up to deny more of those big passing/running plays from Lewis, Burris, and Reynolds, it would not have mattered. Scoring 3 times in a minute (FG then TD then FG again) and still not coming through just sorta says what night it was. I guess they didn't black out the game today, but it was probably the rains that held the crowd to 32k and change.

I thought it was a great game, aside from the poor officiating especially in the final three minutes.

Ditto Sambo42..on all points. I lost count of the almost seemed like Mick "McGoo" was reffing!!! The refs couldn't make a decent call with the play in front of them, and yet make very questionable calls from far away. Lewis wasn't touched, and tecnically had a TD....Realize that it isn't easy to be reffing, but I think they are getting the refs from the bottom of a Corn Flake Box! Cohon, Black and Daley better do something about it soon. :cry:

Terrible officiating, at least it didn't affect the outcome, although it nearly did.

Gass is an idiot

.....Walby screws up an everyday word, take a drink.....Walby is a homer, take a drink.....Lee says "up the gut" - CHUG!! See? Good drinking game.....

I'd chug for Walby screwing up the English language, but I'd be tanked by the half.....

I was expecting Walby tonight, it would have been a nice break from Suitor. If you are going to have a big fat guy on the broadcast, I'd rather have Walby, than Steve Armitage. A

Lee gets over-excited about a five yard gain, take a drink.....