Esks Signings

I think he drafts an olinesman and if he can't see one suiting up this year he'll trade the pick for a NI Olinesman or the like of a young Canadian who's ready to play. Maybe a package deal. Tillman knows he needs to compete this year :slight_smile:

Thanks to you guys signing Jeremaine Reid we're now looking at bringing back Ardiano "the Argo 4 life" Belli.Thanks alot :lol: :wink:

15_championships; As stated above by HfxTC: Tillman is at work, you know. :cowboy:

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Another player on board, a linebacker.

I was just reading about this on TSN. An interesting signing.

This is an example of what appears to be a former NFL-er who made teams at long odds and even was an NFL starter, but he played mostly on special teams and has quite the fire burning within to continue play his position.

I have little doubt this guy is also an excellent tackler with decent agility, so we'll see if that fire manifests itself into CFL stardom.

I bet also he can't wait to clobber someone on the field far more often than occasionally on kicks too.

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I wonder what the next move will be, interesting.

Yeah, I didn't mind this deal. Losing a fourth-rounder isn't a big deal, and Tillman says Reed and Stubler like this kid, so...

Looks like Eskimos have pretty good draft position this year.

I'm still waiting to see who will replace Mo Lloyd. Hopefully they zero in on that player soon, but then again the job just very well will be earned in TC.

Otis Floyd anyone?

Otis Floyd has been a good player through out the years and still has a few years left I say. However, I think Edmonton will go with a younger player to play Middle Linebacker.

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Special teams player is the latest; hope he does well in TC.

With Armstead released and Tristan Jackson traded, we definitely needed a new returner. Hopefully he does well for us.

After the last few years of constant losing, I’m liking all these changes, to be honest I can’t see us getting any worse. Keep it up ET.

Esks sign a D-lineman. Hope he works out. :thup:

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What a find it appears! Heck he made the team in Jacksonville in 2009, and that is saying an awful lot for sake of beating extreme odds for many an undrafted free agent.

Julius Williams has some extreme physical tools but is maybe just short on agility and moves for the NFL to go with his slightly small size for sake of NFL spec's for a DE (6-3+, 270+, above average length arms, for a 4-3 DE with similar speed and strength; note that for 3-4 some of the OLBs are even larger than Julius Williams in the NFL).

Above is Julius Williams' essentially one-game NFL bio after making the team in Jacksonville in 2009. As an undrafted free agent, he was one of only two such players to make the team in 2009. The other guy is a mediocre LB named Russell Allen who is still in Jacksonville.

Both guys are slightly undersized for their respective positions in the NFL, which is why also they would have been hard to draft though obviously they worked their way in the hardest way as free agents going through all the rigours of training.

We'll see how Williams' underlying physical talent and any technique at DE match up better in the CFL.

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Interesting on what’s going to happen next.

Was just reading about this. I hope the young lineman produces for us. Signing Boreham is a little odd. Do we need four kickers in training camp? :lol: