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Alot of activity with Tillman bringing in players, but here's the latest. Thoughts anyone?

Coming from someone who's seen him the past few years, i'll be frank.The kid has a terrible case of the dropsies and didn't seem motivated to play in Hamilton.He turned in 3 good games at the end of 2010, by far the best of his career.Could this be the turn around he needed or was that a flash in the pan move to up the paycheck?Regardless the Esk's very likely paid through the nose to sign him so hopefully he smartens up and plays better.I'd like to see him become the next Fantuz.

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More news concerning the coaching staff. By the sounds ot it in articles I've read is that Tillman is far from done on bringing in players. Hmm, looking forward to see how 2011 pans out.

I’m not sure if I like this. Our receivers seemed to have a problem holding onto the ball last season, so we are we bringing in even more guys with the dropsies?

I don’t know. Hopefully he can turn his game around. It’d be nice to have some quality Canadians on the team.

I'm just hoping Bauman's not really getting $125K per year. I'm not completely sure he's worth half that amount. Bowman never seemed the least bit upset when the ball bounced off his hands, I never liked that even when he wasn't an Eskimo. At this stage I'm not real happy with either signing. Just my $0.02 :?

I don't know either sean mac 26, but I think it is around the $120 to $125,000 range. Tillman knows what the cap looks like and I just hope Ray has a good season since he took a pay cut to stay an Eskimo and Ricky wants to win. There will be a different play set that will be introduced on both sides of the ball (different formations on Defence I would think). As for Bauman, he will be part of it (among others) and I do hope things work out as the coaches will be concerned if things don't go as planned.

There is a great article today on the front page about free agency that basically explains we are good for non-import talent with more import shuffling remaining:

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Someone who has been a fan a lot longer can probably understand all the nuances of this detailed article, but for sake of simplicity I have three import items for especially Mr. Tillman.

I doubt I am hardly the first to say some hard things on the import front especially on defence.

My thoughts are in strong opposition to the spirit of this article as if "Already well Tillman's so great let's smile and slap knees because all is going so damn (expletive) well ..." Was it written by some conspirator working for Braley out of BC or Toronto?

Tillman's work is FAR FAR FAR from done when our major sorry-butt defence was LAST or FIRST in the league in each of the following:

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-Average Yards Offence Per Game
-Total Points Allowed At 545 (second place SSK not even close at 488!)
-Total TDs Allowed 48 (Not surprisingly to some degree we allowed the fewest number of field goals at 32 go figure, so that means a lot of points off turnovers and a whole bunch of converted 2nd and longs)
-Total Rushing TDs Allowed At 24! That's in an 18-Game Season in a 3-Down passing and special teams league! :x Second place TOR is at 17 too! Football 101 in ANY league here folks, in that when teams can run it on you like that and don't have to pass especially in the red zone, they do and your secondary hardly counts against an above average back and offensive line! :roll:
-Finally, Last In Sacks At 31

Areas Of Sorely Needed Import Improvement For Sure

-Another receiver to push Bowman for the #2 spot and at least keep him honest as we were not able to do for Campbell, whose sorry-lame pass-dropping butt can't hit the curb/kerb sooner
-Get Rid Of Lloyd And Someone Else For 2 Linebackers If Lloyd Is Truly So Disruptive To The Team
-Get An Above Average Pass Rusher To Play DE To Complement Pettway

Without at least average competence at LB and DE, I am not optimistic at winning enough games by merely our offence and special teams excelling in many a shoot-out.

We work best when the defence is at least managing to keep the opposition to field goals instead of having to play from behind such that more turnovers are forced from more risks we have to take as did Ray on too many an occasion last year.

Looking at free agency starting tomorrow, we should go for any of the following in addition to shopping South of the border:

Non-Import OL
Ibrahim Khan, WPG
Wayne Smith, SSK
Jeff Keeping, TOR

Import LB, WR, DL
Joe Lobendahn, WPG
Ramon Guzman, MTL

Romby Bryant, CAL

Kevin Huntley, TOR
Eric Taylor, TOR

As for the Draft (Prospect Central) I wonder? Matt O'Donnell O-line - 6'10 329 lbs. - Queen's

Can anyone explain the two non-import signings today? :roll:

Otherwise it looks like slim pickings and onward with the import search South of the border.

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Not sure Paolo X, but Tim St. Pierre is heading to Calgary and he is a Non Import......otherwise?

What's the issue? Both are Canadian, and both play on the line (one on offence, the other on defence). These are our biggest needs.

I agree Chief. :thup: I feel we are going to be better this year on both sides of the ball.

Another prospect pick; Anthony Parker - Calgary - SB

Pretty much impossible not to improve after the Maciocia years. The question is by how much will they improve and can Tillman build a team within the SMS guidelines.

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Eskies sign IM Von Kann

We've a lot of receivers on the roster. TC/Pre-season is going to be interesting.

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Another receiver has signed. TC is going to be interesting, I wonder what this years Eskie team is going to look like. I believe Tillman is far from done.

Great moves here, for from what I am reading these guys will push the likes of Bowman to either step it up better than ever or ship out.


Here's a great writeup in CFL talk by gogogos. Who Edmonton selects is intriguing.