Esks sign two to practice roster

One of them is a running back. Why would we sign a running back when we have Whitlock, McCarty, and Bertrand? :expressionless:

I think perhaps the Esk's may be concerned about Whitlock's blocking ability, could be the reason. Doesn't hurt to have a look at Brad Lester in that regard.

'Insurance policy' and extra body to take practice reps at most. Don't read too much into it.

I'm not. I'm just thinking if we're going to sign some new talent to the PR, why not go after some linemen? That seems to be the bigger need at the moment. Just curious is all...

I think with Prinsen just joining the team he needs some time to assess things… specifically Hinse, Wojt and Rogers.

NI OLinemen don’t grow on trees… and we’ve got three potentials to look and and see if they can take the next step. What we don’t need is another Imp OLineman because quite frankly Parquet and Armstrong haven’t been the worst of the lot.