Esks. sign Reilly

Until medically cleared, Nichols has little to no trade value.
Edmonton must have genuine concern that Nichols may have incurred a career ending injury, thus the acquisition of Reilly.

Inteesting trade with potential big impact.

awwww damn. not even to another team I cheer for. sigh. sob even. :cry:

Edmonton did not have to give too much to acquire Reilly; yes,they swap second round choices with BC but,basically they give a second round choice to BC in 2014. Good trade for both teams.

You wonder,if TSN information is exact, why Winnipeg was asked to give a first round and third round choices for Reilly and denied talking to him. Winnipeg could not accept such a trade; hence, there was no guarantee that Reilly would have signed with Winnipeg. Maybe Reilly was not interested in Winnipeg.


Don't think so. Edmonton would have two prominent quarterbacks going into camp regardless of this deal. I expect Nichols and Reilly to fight it out for the starting spot but would expect that going into camp they will be 1 and 1a.

If I'm the bomber GM I don't let BC get to my 2nd overall pick without having a chance to talk to Reilly first. Whether you do or don't I suppose depends on how high you are on Reilly. He's got potential but I'm not 100% convinced yet.

Don't worry Papa, the Eskimo's would be willing to part with Kerry Joseph for say, Clarence Denmark. :cowboy:

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Then you don't have much of a GM. Denmark is scheduled to be a FA in a couple weeks. Him coming back to the Blue isn't assured as they have a couple other promising guys ready to fill the void in Doug Pierce, Isaac Anderson, Kurt Adams, and Wallace Miles. Meanwhile with the Eskies Oline and their injury issues at QB last year, they might need to keep Joseph for added insurance.

there is 1 downside to this…

If the Eskimos have both Reilly and Nicholls in their lineup for the 2013 season.

UNLESS they trade one of them to another team. They will lose one to Ottawa in the December 2013 Expansion Draft.

they won’t keep them both.

Maybe he heard how cold it is in Winnipeg in November. :smiley:

Had to dig pretty deep to find a down side. It's like saying that it's too bad I won 6-49 cause now I have to pay taxes. :cowboy:

Thats a good thing... They wont have all of their eggs in the "hopefully nichols is healthy and good enough to be a starter" basket, will get to protect the better qb between the two after seeing them play in 2013, and if one is selected by ottawa the esks will get to protect 3 more non imports in the expansion draft. Win all around for the esks!

But there's no guarantee Nichols will be fully recovered by TC or how much the injury will affect his play.

I wouldn't have made the trade if I was Mack. Not being allowed to talk to Reilly before the trade was a deal breaker as far as I'm concerned.

BC wasn't going to get fair market value for Reilly so to get anything for him really is a positive. On the downside, he just went to a divisional rival whose biggest weakness was the QB position so this one could come back to haunt the Lions.

Reilly's future looks bright as he played really well in his appearances during the season. He should get even better as he gets more experience under his belt. The only downside could be if he plays too well the NFL might come calling sooner than later

He signed for 2 years with the Esks. He'll be 30 when the contract is up, at which point its highly unlikely an NFL team would want him.

All true, but if Wally dealt with the Bombers instead of the Esks, he'd likely be coming back the West next year anyway (when Ottawa joins the East).

There has been no indication that the Bombers will move to the West - just a bunch of fan assumptions.

Looks like the Bombers are the only team in the CFL without a decent QB. They'll probably finish last in the East again.

I wonder now if Nichoals is healthy do they battle for the #1 spot? It'd be an interesting competition but it never hurt anybody. Not sure where this leaves Jospeh as the Esks also have that college stud Massoli? That could probably slide into 3rd string. And Bomber fans I think your better off getting a McPherson, Edmonton is developing a stout Defense and has a plethora of weapons on offense (2 well rounded Running Backs, Fred Stamps and Koch/Chambers are coming along well) Rielly is your convensional QB had we went to Winnipeg (Where RB is a revolving door, OLine is average and still trying to find a reliable SB or WR (Mathews is one)) he may have struggled with the lack of help, McPherson can make plays with his legs so if things break down at least you have a mobile QB that can make something out of nothing.