Esks. sign Reilly

....Arash Madani is reporting the Esks. have landed Reilly via trade....Too bad we never got a shot at him or if we did maybe the asking price was too much...Either way the Bomber qb. situation remains status quo... :roll:

Wow. I didn’t see this coming, but good for Wally for getting something for someone he likely wasn’t going to be able to sign anyway. :thup:

Makes sense for the Esks as they were going to have to compete for Reilly’s services with (at least) the Bombers. No details yet on the player(s) or draft pick(s) involved.

Arash Madani ?@ArashMadani BREAKING: Have learned the Edmonton #Esks have traded for #BCLions back-up QB Mike Reilly. Done deal. Massive move by #Eskimos. #CFL
Sorry to see Mike leave the Den. First class guy.

Looks like it's just a draft pick Orange:


.....might as well merge these threads... :roll:

Sounds like they acquired him, but have yet to sign him - only a couple weeks before he’s an FA.

…WOW …for a draft pic…If we weren’t willing to offer at least that or more considering our situation at qb…I’m slowly becoming a fan who is definitely off the Mack supporter group… :thdn:

Gotta give Wally props for getting something for nothing…

....Reilly still has to sign AND if he doesn't, he's an fa come the 15th. of Feb....Wally better not count his chickens yet. especially if the Bombers can put together a better deal...The esks. and Wally could be left with a little egg on their face..We'll see

Perhaps… but I think the Leo’s will get something just for giving Edmonton the opportunity. I’d say a 6th rounder at a minimum.

He’s already signed his contract Papa. Your GM got schooled again.

More info on the CFL site now:

[url][/url] Staff

EDMONTON -- The Edmonton Eskimos have aquired QB Mike Reilly from the BC Lions.

As part of the deal, the clubs have swapped second round selections in this year’s Canadian Draft as well as acquiring Edmonton’s second round selection in the 2014 Canadian Draft.

“I was approached by Edmonton GM Ed Hervey seeking permission to talk to Mike before the free agency period began and in light of Mike’s desire to explore opportunities to become a starting quarterback, I believed a trade was doable,? said Lions VP of football operations and GM Wally Buono. “We thank Mike for his time with the Lions and he will be missed.?

Reilly, 28, arrives in Edmonton looking to take over the starting job under centre. The Central Washington product started two games for the Lions in 2012, completing 53 of 77 passes for 694 yards and four touchdowns.

His first start saw him earn a 39-19 win over the Esks, while his second saw him drop a 41-21 decision to the Stampeders.

It comes as little surprise that the Lions were willing to part with their former backup QB, as GM Wally Buono hinted that Reilly was likely going to enter the free agent market.

The Esks now face the task of re-signing Reilly, who is still set to enter free agency on Feb. 15.

The move comes 10 days after the Esks released veteran QB Steven Jyles. Following the release of Jyles, Esks GM Ed Hervey suggested that he was in the market for a new starting pivot that he hopes can lead the franchise for years to come.

“We have an opportunity to find a new quarterback and we wanted to establish room on the roster for that individual,? he said.

“We’re excited about the young group of quarterbacks that we could potentially bring in here, but we also understand that elite quarterbacks don’t just fall out of trees,? he added.

More to come...

…Sent to a division rival…Maybe this one will come back to bite ol Wally… AND I sure hope so… :lol: …Radio station in edm. is saying Reilly has already signed an extension??? :roll:

Do you have a source on the signing HfxTC? As the CFL article says otherwise…

....I think Mr. Mack better have some good answers on this one...Quite frankly I think this is going to be the straw that broke the....well you know... I don't know how the Bomber management is going to spin this one....So long Joe, time to take up PERMANENT residence down south.. :thdn:

Here you go Papa

…If I’m the esks., I do that deal over and over again…What a joke of gm we have…If you think I’m mad…you’re right… :twisted:

Don't worry, the Bombers can still sign McPherson. Second prize is better than nothing.

The Lions may still have some over the hill guys left to sign as well.

Or Edmonton might be willing to trade Nichols.

Here's what you're getting in Mike Reilly, Eskimo fans:

Great attitude
Fun personality - doesn't take himself seriously
Strong leadership skills (popular with teammates)
Strong arm - not the strongest in the league by any means, but I'd say top 1/3 (stronger than Lulay's too)
Nice deep ball
Can read a defense pretty well, actually very well for someone who hasn't started too many games
Unorthadox throwing motion
Good size (6'3", somewhat on the lean side)
Decent mobility (above average speed)