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That’s how you find a Cleo Lemon!

…I wouldn’t even suggest that we ‘clean house’…That’s ridiculous…Buck and Goltz stay…According to a few reliable sources,(rumour only) Mack was shopping Elliott and Brink is going to be relegated…We must remember we re-signed all of these guys plus Goltz and are paying them a fair amount…I think it’s time we made some decisions on just who stays and who goes…I know we have to consider the fact there’s an entry draft for the Ottawa franchise and that qbs. we’ll be taken …Looking at who is available on our roster, I don’t see any panic to protect any of them… Why are we holding all of these cards with not an ace among them?..Fact is I hope they make a move on one of our guys (not Goltz and they most likely wouldn’t consider Buck and his injury problems) so that we’d see some movement…We all know that status quo at qb. is NOT acceptable, yet there doesn’t seem to be any answers and the season is coming up fast…I hope Mack has something up his sleeve or pulls a rabbit out of the hat, cuz all I see at the moment is a whole lot of the same coming down the road as last year… I’m not a pessimistic type …Just a concerned one :wink:

lol reliable sources? u mean gary lawless who was the only guy that actually mentioned elliott was maybe possiblly who knows being shopped? i doubt he was even, lawless seems to blow a lot of smoke out his butt… the guy thinks he’s big time but really 99 percent of the people think he’s just a joke.

clean house? doubt it… rumor for real tho out of burkes mouth on the sports show on cjob on friday said the bombers are talking to a guy crowton has ties with (rumored to be jarrett lee) (pretty decent numbers on that guy) (his efficiency rating is pretty solid actually). and they will probably bring him in for mini camp. there is lots of time right now still… they will not be bringing in anyone with cfl experiece as noone available interests them (mcpherson). pierce is still unclear of his situation, they havent decided yet, its february, they dont have to decide yet… as of now tho… buck, elliott,brink,goltz will all be brought back to compete, they will decide in advance what to do with buck, rumor has it he wont be the starter but very well could be kept on as a 3rd string/emergency/player/coach role. (personally im fine with that) as long as buck isnt starting, its coool. that lee kid tho, if thats the guy they are bringing up, jordan jefferson is another name floating around as is bj coleman (could bring in 2 new guys even is what burke actually said) but if its lee, i dunno, the guys got skills suited for the cfl.