Esks. sign Reilly

This is a blow....according to Madani Reilly has been traded to the Eskimos...details to come....Bombers are slow off the mark AGAIN...McPhersen anyone????? or will he sign in Regina, as a back-up, to complete the qb. mess...I can't see any free agent wanting to come to this club with the qb. situation we have...What a downer :thdn:

....Reilly has signed an extension with the esks. according to their radio station...FOR LATTER ROUND DRAFT PICS... IF true..what a load of doo-doo....Mack better get some ear plugs and get ready to hand in his resignation...We've been player hijacked again...Too many errors Joe you gotta go :thdn:

On Thursday, the club acquired Mike Reilly from the B.C. Lions in exchange for a 2014 second round draft pick.

The teams also swapped second round picks in the 2013 draft.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers were asked to trade first round picks and a third-rounder for Reilly but were told they could not speak to him before completion of the deal. The Bombers determined that was too risky and were less sold on Reilly than the Eskimos were, who guaranteed him the number one job and paid him as such.

Swapping first round picks with the bombers would’ve moved the Lions up to 2nd from 6th in the draft. If I had the opportunity to talk to Reilly beforehand to gauge his interest in signing and he says he would like to be a bomber, then I pull the trigger. Not knowing that in advance I’m not surrendering the 2nd spot in the draft and moving myself down for a guy who may end up not wanting to play here and ends up heading to FA anyway. I’m not as sold on Reilly as you Papa and I wouldn’t do a blind deal like that so I applaud Mack for not doing it either. Looks like Buono gave a sweeter deal to an in division rival than the bombers.

link to the free press article with comments from Mack about Reilly for those interested

[url]Winnipeg Free Press

...Sounds like Reilly wanted to be an esk. all along...He's silly for not looking at another offer but, it is what it is...I can see a guy wanting to be closer to home...Seems like that's the feeling a lot of players have when we consider them ...hello Mr. LaBatte....I'm getting a little nervous about the way Mack does business however..That non-move on Picard last year in fa..out gunned by Wally for Westerman last year....the questionable pick of Etienne , when there were other receivers (who are now playing well for other clubs) that we could've went with AND now the non-Reilly deal...I know he's made some good acquisitions and we've done well in signing the fas we have this year BUT in this game where the qb. is so important, (we simply can't go with the status quo at that position) we better have a strong plan b in place orrrrrrr i think Mr. Macks job could be on the line....Doesn't look good right now.. :cry:

So is this just a case of Buono getting something/anything for a player he was going to lose in a couple of weeks? Then you'd have to think that Buono might've been able to get the deal with the bombers he wanted if he simply changed his stance and allowed the Blue to talk to Reilly. But by instead making the deal with a division rival, could that perhaps indicate that he's not all that concerned about potentially having to face Reilly 3-4 times each of the next couple of years, at the least? If he really thought Reilly was ready to be the next big star in the CFL, why trade him to a division rival? The more I think about it, the more I believe the only way I do that as a GM is if A) having watched him carefully the last couple of years I don't believe he'll be as great as the hype machine is making him out to be or B) I believe or know he's going there anyway once FA hits in two weeks so I try to get something in return, as he did.

I hear you papa. Who was that Roman emperor who fiddled while Rome burned? Mack is starting to remind me of him. . .

You don’t trade a qb,. who could come back to haunt you, to a rival in the division…UNLESS you’re Wally who could see he was going to get something, whereas he was looking at virtually nothing…I think we were behind the eight-ball from the get-go…I’ve heard in a few circles that Buono does not care for Mack all that much AND going by his comments of last year, when we canned Lapo, that could be factual…Did this have some bearing on the fact we were’nt allowed to talk with Reilly…One has to wonder…Guess we’ll mark this down as another effort derailed…I don’t know where we go from here…I thought Reilly would be a decent prospect in tc…Appears to have all the tools AND if he starts putting up big numbers for the esks. and looking like a franchise qb. I’ll be more than an unhappy camper…I wonder if Mack has a plan b…cuz I and a few other Bomber fans would like to hear it…


You guys had “Brutus” Trestman and still have “Cassius” Popp; I guess we have “Nero” Mack.

Well Mack what's your plan now? I do not want to see the same situation at QB as last year. :thdn:
I have a very bad feeling that it will be the case like last year at QB! :x

Adriam McPherson-QB- has been released by the Als and I expect him to sign with Winnipeg.


…yes …his name was Nero…and watching some of the moves made by Popp (cassius) lately… I would say he went to the same fiddle instructor and they both are a bit pyrotechnical…

…BUT …Mack has said recently that he wasn’t interested…Now the events of yesterday could change his mind…orrrrr he’ll deliberate on possibly making a move on McPhersen till it’s too late :lol: I hear he’s more than a little ticked at Wally and he knows Buono has an eye on Perrett…Look for all the money we ‘didn’t’ spend on Reilly, to go towards the acquisition of a few fas…We’ll see :wink:

It will be interesting to see where McPherson lands. ..


Hamilton as the backup to Burris
BC as the backup to Lulay
Saskatchewan as the backup to Durant
Edmonton, to compete with Nichols and Reilly for the #1 spot
Winnipeg, to compete with Pierce/Elliott/Brink/Goltz for the #1 spot

And, maybe, due to the Milanovich connection, Toronto as the backup to Ray.

So the only place out of the running would appear to be Calgary, but if they cut ties with Glenn then maybe that's a possibility too, as the backup to Tate.

Were I to be him, and were I to not want to be a backup anymore, looks like Winnipeg is really the only game in town. .. I doubt Edmonton somehow now.

.....I think McPhersen would most likely give priority to the team who would give him a chance to start...His age could be a hindering factor though....It's tough to say what Mack is going to do now..He's painted himself into a cornor with a few of his comments BUT has been known to change his mind...I would say the most likely spot for Adrain will be as back-up in T.O...He knows Milanovitch and would feel most comfortable there...Starting for any CFL team is not looking all that great for McPhersen presently,,, There's a small chance we could still give him a look though...we'll see :roll:

McPherson to Wpg I think is a bit of a longshot. I would think Burke would have some knowledge of him from his time in MTL and there haven't been many rumblings that I've seen or read about the bombers coaches being interested in him. However going into FA, if I had to pick between McPherson and Reilly I would've picked McPherson just because he's been around a while longer learning the game and he's been tutored in MTL by Trestman, both should give him a leg up on Reilly but he just needs game experience. I don't see either as being a significant upgrade over what's in the cupboard already. I see him maybe going to TO as Papazoola suggested, maybe to Hamilton depending on how Austin feels about Dan LeFevour, and possibly Edmonton also. Even with Reilly on board I can see Hervey wanting another younger arm in camp in case Nichols is not ready to go. Calgary I think really is high on Bo Levi Mitchell and won't pick up a guy that would stand in his way. I normally would not guess Sask just because they have some young depth there with Willy, but Taman does like to sign other teams FA's so who knows. I think BC is out also, I've read in the past that they really like DeMarco so I'd expect him to get a shot to grab the backup role.

…Through all of this, I wonder what is going through the minds of our current qbs…who don’t seem to be held in the highest regard … We are out there trying to sign a guy who would/could jump head of them in the rotation…Buck has injury problems… we’ll most likely hang on to him but the other guys must be wondering what the future holds here…We seem prepared to dump either Brink or Elliott or both…Goltz seems safe and Mack says he is negotiating with an american qb. (who that is could be anyones guess)…Our qb. situation is very unsettled and I hope we get a clearer picture on what road we’re going down with regards to the pivot spot soon…The most important position on the field and we seem to be drifting all over the map…not great :roll:

Buck is probably working his butt off as per his usual trying to get himself physically fit to come into camp. Whether he gets to that point or not is still up in the air, but I’m sure he’s preparing himself like he’ll be here or be in the best shape possible in case he can find another opportunity. He’s had to fight for his job before and I don’t think any of this will affect him.

Goltz, Brink, and Elliott should be doing the same. Professional QBs should have that mindset that they need to prepare themselves to fight for their job at all times. If you don’t win a championship and/or you don’t have a winning record you should never be comfortable in your role. The main one of that trio I wonder about is Elliott. Just his comments after games, good and bad, he seemed to hold himself in high esteem. When he would get pulled because he was ineffective he would comment that he doesn’t understand why that move was made, just from having listened to stuff from him over the course of last season I felt like he had a sense of entitlement which, if true, his mindset could be affected by all the other QB moves or attempted moves. Brink, regardless of his play, seemed humble and would say he had things to work on and get better, recognize things he did well and those he didn’t so I have no concerns about him. Goltz is probably just pumped because moreso than ever I think he sees the door is open for him.

Standing pat doesn’t mean Mack and co. are all over the map. Not all QBs are going to light it up in this league from the get go, you need to give guys 3-4 years in some instances before you can be sure what you have. The expectation should be your young QBs should improve from one year to the next, but a year such as last year could stunt a young QB I think . You start the year off with a new OC and evidently there was an internal battle between that OC and your HC on how and what the offense should run, and the HC gets canned midway through the season, hard to really build on anything that way. I don’t have any issue with them bringing some of the guys back from last year, but I’d like to see one or two of them cleared out to allow for someone different to come in. These guys are all under contract, there’s no need to rush a move just to make a move at this point. What guys are or not available now may change between now and when camps open, and that could affect who they bring into camp from the old crew. If they had cleaned house and got rid of everyone and started fresh with all new faces, now that to me is all over the map.

...All over the map as in not really saying who you would consider as the go-to- guy...Buck has been asked in the offseason if he'd accept a back-up role (good ol Buck he just rolls with the punches and he pobably is in top shape, till the next tough hit)..I don't see asking him to consider a lesser role (although that's what I'd prefer) as a vote of confidence...Brink has not shown he has starters ability after 3 years..Not the answer according to fans and the media....Elliott has been 'called-out' by the headcoach, for his poor performance and things which you have mentioned ,wolverine..., so he is on the 'skeptical list'...Goltz has not been given enough playing time and will be evaluated closely this year but green as grass....Having said all of that, i agree with the comment ' they are professionals and they should carry and conduct themselves accordingly BUT we do not have a firm direction for any of the qbs. I mentioned...Up in the air after we've retained all of the services for the last two years and longer for the majority...That's what I meant by all over the map...Maybe I should have said 'no firm direction for the qbs.'..I would expect at this point in time, with all of the other clubs having their qb. position firmed up,that we would be furthur along the curve, about who is going to lead this club in 2013...Hopefully it will be cleared up soon...FAS, we might want to sign could consider our qb. position as 'tenuous' at best and that's a negative.. :roll:

Well, if the FA market was better I might agree with you, but considering the guys still unsigned there aren’t very many top end FAs that would be of an immediate benefit to us. I know you like Perrett. Up until a couple weeks ago I would’ve guessed there was probably a decent chance he’d stay in Montreal but with Trestman moving on and taking most of that offensive coaching staff with him, that might help nudge his mind towards signing elsewhere. Money is also a motivating factor and for some guys like we found out with LaBatte, location and playing closer to home may factor in as well and I can see Edmonton throwing a lot of money at him to bring him back home to Alberta and help protect their new acquisition. Beyond him there’s only a handful of guys still unsigned that may interest the bombers but I don’t think that will play a huge factor. Mack and co. gave their younger guys a couple years to develop and have now seen what hey can do in the case of Elliott and Brink, they have acknowledged the guys aren’t where they’d like them to be so I think they are working on fixing it but it will have to come from outside the CFL as there really aren’t a lot of other options in the CFL that are readily available to them. I think having the same guys around is just a formality and the only reason they haven’t signed anyone yet is some guys are probably waiting around hoping to get another NFL training camp invite. As TC gets a little closer and guys they are talking too are having to make a decision, I would expect the find one or two guys to take the shot and that may play into which guys on the roster right now make it to camp.