Esks Sign problem Rodriguez

So this guy has gone from Hamilton to Saskatchewan to Montreal and now to Edmonton.

Saskatchewan cut him because he wouldn't work as hard as they asked and kept on quitting on them when they needed him.

Montreal obviously did not see him capable of making the squad.

so the Esks?? is Tillman getting soft in the head? :roll:

And given the talent in Montreal's receiving corps, are you at all surprised?

No, he needs help in the receiving corps due to injuries. . . nothing ventured nothing gained.

I agree with MadJack. Edmonton's receiving corps is decimated by injuries -- Montreal's is overloaded with talent. Not the same situation. This signing makes sense to me.

What Tillman is doing is patching holes with what he considers disposable players``. He has no access to anyone in NFL camps at this point. All he can do when you have to obey by the leagues SMS :wink:

I called it an underwhelming signing when I first heard about it, but knowing now that Henry and Barnes are out against BC, we could use just about anyone. :frowning:

really? Henry, Barnes, Bowman and Stamps all out? horrible luck for the Esks there

Hey, you never know, Rodriguez might return to form. When Tillman began reworking the whole team, we were criticizing him for picking up a lot of players that didn't quite meet up to the hype on other teams. A team full of "disappointments" if you will. But I think we can all agree the Eskimos have been ANYTHING but disappointing.

With all these receivers injured, and a great QB like Ricky Ray, Rodriguez might just have himself a game reminiscent of his rookie year.

Or, if he's a bust, like someone else mentioned, "nothing gained, nothing lost." :wink:

That is not true. He was one of the only guys who stayed in town to practice during the buy week, and was always one of the first in last out of practice. He seemed to work very hard. It just was not a fit.

I'm glad that him to be getting another oppotunity and hope he works out for the Esks. I think he is the type of receiver that needs a lot of touches to keep his head in the game. In montreal as with Sask. there were too many talented guys to get him those touches. For the time being in Edmonton he should get plenty of chances to show that he's still got it.

I’d take Prechae over Nunn and Getzlaf! At least he can catch a damn ball :x :x

Wait, does that make Bauman and his 70 yards this season Edmonton's #1 receiver during the next game? Oh lord!


This is why I’m holding off making my VGCC picks until that last possible moment, in case the Esks make more moves.

You obviously didn't watch much of his last year in Hamilton.

Guy does not work hard, can't block & looks like he takes plays off. Hamilton's receiving corps was not great when he was cut, if he was any good, he would have been kept.

Actually Messam with 79 yards, followed by Nowacki with 74, McCarty with 73 yards, and then Bauman. That's a pretty depleted corps.

Signing Bauman was easily Tillman's worse move. If someone can explain to me how Chris Bauman is worth more than Dave Stala, aside from Bauman being younger, I'm all ears. Bauman's not even as good as Brock Ralph.

Prechae wasn't cut from Ham., he was traded.

Receivers that look questionable on other teams routinely come to Edmonton and end up fairing a lot better with Ricky Ray throwing them the ball with his soft touch(Bowman, Peterson). I think this is a decent signing considering he will likely only be a stop gap starter until Bowman, Barnes, Henry, and Stamps are back. Needing a starting import receiver on such short notice, it's better for the Esks to pick up an experienced guy as opposed to someone new to the CFL and trying to teach them the rules and insert them into the lineup in less than a week. Also consider that the Esks have some fairly tall receivers in Bowman( 6 foot 4), Barnes(6 foot 3), Henry (6 foot 4), and with the offence designed for taller receivers, at 6 foot 5 Rodriguez will fit right in.

No one would argue that. Bauman signing was a big mistake, and with the salary he's making per game, I think it's best the Esks just cut their losses now and release the guy.

Not to hijack the thread, but when I heard what Bauman was getting my jaw hit the floor. He had 17 catches last year! That's not even one/game. That plus potential gets someone $125,000/year. Wow. Anyway, that's the end of the Bauman rant.

Back on topic, as far as Prechae is concerned, he's a stop gap. This is like when the Stamps signed Michael Bishop when Drew Tate was injured. I remember some of the reactions were so over the top, but someone reminded people that Bishop wasn't going to start and that if he did, the Stamps were screwed anyway. This is pretty much the same thing; once Edmonton's receivers get healthy, Prechae will probably be cut, just like Bishop was.

Messam and McCarty are RBs and I thought Nowacki was injured as well.