Esks sign Lenny Walls, Lions add Jamal Robertson

yup as per tsn.

thats the lenny walls link.

check out mainpage lol for the robertson story. lol

I'd love to know what the Esks agreed to pay him...

haha ya me too. that would be interesting. i wish they would release that info to us altho i guess i dont tell the players how much i make so why should i care really but whatever i hear ya.

...i guess the leos figure Mallet is history....hence the signing of Robertson....He could do well in Wallys world.....Question???????has anyone signed Ian Smart yet???? :roll:

The Lions sure are adding a lot of players who are over 30 to their roster this season.

ive noticed that too.. the lions usually are dumping these players.. wonder whats up with that this year with the? did they not add moreno also? i think so.. normally wally is cutting these guys... not signing them.

Moreno is still an FA after being released by the Argos.

A change in philosophy in BC? Maybe Wally's feeling some pressure to make a cup run? Been kinda less than 'Wally Successfull' in BC the last couple of seasons......

Robertson and Walls can still play. They are good signings by BC and Edmonton.

No arguments from me...they can still play

....HOWEVER ....Robertson is getting up there in age.....Walls is probably getting some BIG coin from the esks. more than likely why we released him ( sure wasn't because of his play)...I guess they weighed it all out and each club figured they were worth signing.. :roll:

sounds like according to the gary lawless article titled "bond of brothers" about yvenson bernard :slight_smile: near the end of that article it states that lenny was released by the bomber because he had an off season bonus due, so id suspect his bonus was very very big and like it says in the article they released him so they didnt have to pay the bonus. wheres the article.. umm lets seee...

[url=] ... 00957.html[/url]

basically right at the end of that article which is a good read.

only thing is how serious can lawless be taken because its the same guy who seemed so sure that jim barker and greg marshall were gonna be named coach. but still... just sayin.

I have problems with Lawless' journalistic standard because of his unapologetic campaigning for Taman to be hired as GM. Unbiased and balanced were two words foreign to him to say the least.