Esks sign kick returner/receiver Skyler Green

From TSN:

The Edmonton Eskimos have signed free agent kick returner/receiver Skyler Green.

A fourth round selection (125th overall) by Dallas in the 2006 NFL Draft, Green has spent time with the Cowboys, Cincinnati Bengals and New Orleans Saints. He appeared in 11 games over the past three NFL seasons.

In four seasons at Louisiana State, Green had 111 receptions for 1,129 yards and 9 touchdowns.

From CHQT in Edmonton:

Eskimos sign kick-returner, may replace Jackson

The Edmonton Eskimos have signed kick-returner/receiver Skyler Green.

Green was drafted by the Dallas of the NFL in 2006 and played for the Cowboys and the Cincinatti Bengals in 2007.

In 2008, Green played for the New Orleans Saints playing in the final two regular season games returning four kick-offs for 160 yards.

With Tristan Jackson mishandling four returns last Friday in Winnipeg, head coach Richie Hall hinted there's a possibility of Green playing on Friday vs. the B.C. Lions.

"A lot depends on what's going on with Tristan", said Hall. "We're not going to have both of them on the roster. If Tristan can't go, then there's a good chance Skyler will be on".

630 CHED will have Friday's broadcast beginning with the pre-game show at 6pm, the kick-off from Commonwealth Stadium is at 7pm.

So what's the deal with Tristan Jackson? Is he hurt or not? Some sort of off-field problem distracting him?

yet he let that useless whitloc continue after how many fumbles? if Jackson is hurt i understand. But if he is not, what happened to halls "100 chances" policy?

As I said in the Edmonton board, if Hall is serious about replacing Tristan Jackson (which would be one of the dumbest decisions a head coach has made in... God knows how many years), then I'm afraid I'll have to jump on the Fire Hall bandwagon.

If Jackson is injured, 9-game him. Don't replace him. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Someone at OurBombers apparently posted that Ramonce Taylor's Facebook page said he had signed with the Esks. I just took a look at his MySpace page and he says he is in Edmonton now.

Signing him would make even less sense. As you were saying in the Edmonton board, the guy didn't understand the rules of the game, he was breaking the team rules... Why would you replace a great returner in Jackson with someone like Ramonce Taylor...?

I don't know what's going on in Edmonton, but someone needs to put down the pipe and sober up... before they do something that really screws this team.

I really hope this crap gets sorted out quickly.

Don'tgive up yet, Richie Hall is learning how to be a HC, that's all. I'm looking for a strong finish to the season as injured players start to return.

I'm sorry, but if he releases Tristan Jackson, I won't be able to support him anymore... it'd be like releasing Geroy Simon... Jackson is a great returner, and if he's willing to give Whitlock chance after chance after chance, then he should be willing to give Jackson another chance. One bad game out of how many...?

You know if he gets released, some other team will snap him up immediately.

....i have a hunch,,,,just a hunch.....Barrin Simpson will end up in schmoeville.....for Jackson...The Bombers need a returner as they are not keen on having their best db. returning punts....although Jovon Johnson likes it and is doing a great job.....HOWEVER.....going into the playoffs it would be a better scenario having Jackson doing the returning (of course we have to make the playoffs) and even IF we didn't....Jackson would look great in bluengold in any event...Ramonce Taylor going to edm. is probably insurance in case this other guy is a bust.....just my take... :wink:

......SCRAP THE TRADE TALK...... :roll: :roll: Barrin is back with the least for the mean-time....He was at practice today.....Seems he wants to play....I don't know if they can patch everything up...or are they just going to showcase him for a trade....?????? :roll: :roll:...Goes to show can never second guess this Bomber group... :roll:

Holy crap some of you guys are way off base. Jackson has been injured that past 4 or 5 games before last weeks game vs. Winnipeg. In the Winnipeg last week, it appeared to me that he looked like he was still recovering from his injury. He was lacking speed and wasn't focused on the game(or catching the punts), and was probably more concerned with not aggravating his injury any further. As Hall says, "If Tristan can't go, then there's a good chance Skyler will be on". Translation: "If Tristan is still feeling the effects of his injury and is not ready to go this Friday, we brought in another returner who will replace him until he is healthy". I'm thinking Tjax's injury is more serious than the Esks are leading on, leading them to bring in both Skyler Green, as well as Ramonce Taylor as potential replacements until he is healthy again.

Bradley Robinson lost his chance when he fumbled in the game vs. Sask. Parker and Whitlock, although capable of being decent returners, are much more important in their other roles.

TJax was probably the Eskimos leading candidate for team MOP before his injury and was probably the front-runner for special teams player of the season. He's not getting traded... he's not being released.... and the only reason two other returners were brought in is because Tjax is still injured...

BTW, here's some youtube highlights of Skyler Green's college career at LSU.

Make sure to check out the return at 2:30!

For Chief if you still don't belive me: (From the Edmonton Sun)

"He's a true returner," said head coach Richie Hall. "He's able to return kickoffs and punts and he was able to do it at the next level (NFL). We wanted to make sure we had a (backup) returner we were comfortable with. It just provides some depth for us.

"If Tristan can't go, there's a good chance Skyler could go."

So then what was with the "they both won't be on the roster" comment? :expressionless: That's what I was taking issue with. Bringing in a back-up is fine.

That’s what I initially was thinking. It’s what Hall said just before that line that had me wondering. He said “A lot depends on what’s going on with Tristan” which can be translated a couple of different ways which is why I asked in my initial post whether he was still hurt or had some personal issues that were distracting him.

Your making assumptions. It could be read as "42 man roster". That's how I read it anyway.

Take some vallium Folks! :roll: Tristan isn't going anywhere....The Esks need a reliable back up if Tristan can't go and clearly Robinson isn't the guy.....The Esks needed to fix this as it can be said that the last two losses can be hung on the special teams or at least noted as a major contributer to the follies. Again as the team has done all year, identified weakness and make a move to shore up the roster. Tristan has an average return of 18 - 20 yards per touch.....big field position issue if he can't go for whatever the reason compounded by the points against when we have turned the ball over deep or into the endzone(Robinson).

:thup: Good move Coach Hall.

......So this kid Ramonce Taylor was brought in to sit on the bench and the esks. see how this kid can might want to rethink the 'Jackson ain't going anywhere comment'....Given the chance, this kid Taylor, has the ability to be the best returner in the league....He needs someone like Hall, who can bring him along....We'll see... :wink:

Please. Hall can't even bring himself along half the time. :smiley:

Regarding the subject of this topic, I'm glad it turned out to be just a simple misunderstanding.

In the future, Hall might want to choose his comments more carefully. ... Or maybe the media will want to think about how it organizes a person's comments in an article. When I first read the second article, it honestly sounded like Hall was about ready to give up on Tristan Jackson, which made absolutely no sense.

Glad it was all cleared up.

Welcome to our world, Chief.