Esks sign Armstead

I know Tristan Jackson hasn't been as explosive has he used to be, but are we seriously considering replacing him with Armstead??? :expressionless:

Edit: :oops: Didn't even think about using him as a WR. :lol: I suppose with our injuries we could use an extra hand at that position... but I don't know, I'm still not crazy about him.

Edit Again: According to the article cflisthebest posted, we will be using him on kick returns. Ouch for Jackson...

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The good: Brilliant player on the field, one of the best in the biz.
The bad: One of the worst cases of off field issues I have ever seen.Problem child through and through.
Verdict: Personally, I would've gone in the direction of Adarius Bowman or Prechae Rodriguez.Still a work in progress on the field but little or no off-field issues to taint the organization.However, Tillman's a much better GM than I so i'd take his word over mine any day :lol:

That might be why Tillman went with Armstead instead of Bowman. He seems to be building for the now (Armstrong and Armstead) and the future (Matt Nichols and Fournier) at the same time. :lol:

Auto Burglary ! Where do we get these guys .

I just made a similar comment in the game topic tonight. I wasn't overly impressed with the signing, but I'll give Armstead credit for catching the ball and running. Far too often I see guys catch the ball and dance around, like they're looking for a hole so they can run it for a TD. What they need to realize is not every return is gonna go for a TD. Guys should catch the ball and get what they can. If they find a hole, great. But stop dancing around.

So I give a :thup: to Armstead for catching the ball and just running.

Yeah he was running like he had a car stereo tucked under his arm.

:lol: That's terrible...