after signing standford samuels they also bring in omarmorgan as a bomber fan this is good there not going to the you guyz have samuels,morgan at the corners goss at one half whiltshire at saftey ( correct me with im wrong) so who will be ur other half???

Defensive secondary looks like Morgan, Samuels, Goss, Williams/Buhl, and LaRose. With Nugent, Loftus, and possibly Wiltshire for depth.

I would suspect that Wiltshire's career may be finished. I find it amusing that people list the players thinking that they are inside the coachs head and that they know what the starting lineup will be.

Last season Reggie Durden came over here in a trade as a former all star and proceeded to stink the joint out and by mid season was riding the bench.

Perhaps we should call that list a "depth chart" and let the players and coaches settle the issue at training camp?