GO Riders GO… But first, my apology to Chief for the wrongful comment made in the Fire Campbell thread. Cheers

K. Williams

No big surprise Milo misses a chip shot

Milo, Milo, Milo......

Just let Chick kick it. Can't get any worse.

Absolutely Brutal! Was that a 20 yarder?? He was 5 yards wide.....

Sack knocks em outta FG range. Thank god.

Any where outside the end zone is past Milos range.

No worries there Chief...

If Milo can't hit from the 20, what makes you think he would hit from the 50 yard line???


Looks like Edmonton’s run defence has taken the night off.

Of course Chris Jones couldn’t be bothered to wear a poppy.

Three consecutive offside/procedure calls. This is turning into a comedy routine.

Good to see the Rider run game working. There is hope so far.

Not sure you can overturn that. But I'm sure they'll just run it in on the next play.

Joseph TD Riders - lead 7-1

That is going to be a wasted challenge... He was down at the 1 yard line....

Not sure why Chamblin would throw it anyway.. The way the Riders are running the ball, they should be able to punch it from 1 yard.....

Looks like you might get your wish Deanjo... Milo just got a bad helmet shot to the knee on a "turtle" dive by Lawrence... So are we going with Chick for field goals? Is that your choice?

If he misses we know he can take the returner down at least.

He has one now.

Well its the last game of the year and we have ourselves a preseason game… This is just embarrasing!!! What happened to my CFL :frowning: :oops:

Second and 24 and now a time count.. This is a joke.

Edmonton’s playing with zero pride right now. I don’t even know why they bothered making the trip to Sask. Should’ve stayed home and gave Sask the two points.