Esks @ Riders

Got my colors on, just heading out the door to the bar to watch the game.

Will need a to find a good bag for my head ... preferably plastic.

This is going to be ugly. Edmonton is going to embarrass the Riders on their home turf and and probably rub their nose in it too.

Over under on somersaults is 6½. Enjoy.

Even though Joseph has missed on the 2 deep shots, that is perfect to spread the Eskimo defence. I also like that he has some zip on the ball too.... They are definitely not floating wobblers anyway...

Allen is out with back spasms today, so look for a combination of Messam and Ford to get the ground game going

Never thought I'd see Joseph in a uni again.

Joseph has played a good first quarter

Weird. More posts on Ticat Board than this one. Is that because the Riders and Eskimoes both have their own popular fan boards?

Crap! Interception Edmonton

riders get a gift. booth fucks up yet again. That was soooo not PI.

14 pages with 280 replies so far on Rider Fan Forum...
Yeah it's a little busy :slight_smile:

Wow! Brett Swain with a great catch!

Nice td catch by Swain.

But wtf is up with Dunnigan and his "pumpkin king"?

Chris Jones' halftime speech should be pretty simple. "If you aren't embarrassed that you're losing to Kerry Joseph, you should be."

Great snag by Swain. That's getting the job done.

Flags a-flying in this one - red and yellow! I've seen more PI calls and challenges in this game than I have in a while!

So far the penalty calls are about even anyway.

Last series by the Riders they shot themselves in the foot 4 times…

First, a nice gain by Getzlaf is negated by a Heenan penalty…

And then 2 mis throws to open receivers. First Williams, and then Getzlaf…

And then a crap punt by Bartel out of bounds for a penalty

The Riders can’t give freebies to the Esks if they want to win this game

Big defensive stand there to hold to FG. 17-13.

Rider defense has really played their guts out today.

Yes they have. And the offence has sputtered in the second half. Looks like Joseph may have hurt his hand… Tino time?

TD Esks.

Yea once again the offense goes to sleep. Edmonton made some adjustments in their pass protection and their lateral run game and the Riders are having trouble with it. Although a couple of first downs would be a huge help. Runnning out of time for a couple of first downs now, need big plays.

50 yard gain by Bowman... Defense running out of gas and momentum in second half as offence becomes futile once again...

I don't think the Riders will pull this one out... They should use this game as another learning tool for the playoffs.

IMO, the opening half Kickoff TD return, combined with the third quarter series where a good throw to Edmonton 6 was called back by a penalty. And 3 plays later (after 2 poor throws), Bartel shanks one out of bounds.

And the Rider receivers have not been able to make a big catch in the second half

Those momentum killers turned the game into Edmonton favor

Stupid gamble by Jones and an incredibly weak roughing call on Lawrence. This isn't touch football. :roll:

The riders find yet another way to lose. Special teams were the difference today.