Esks @ Riders

entertaining game so far.

Cates has looked REAL good in Rider green....and just as i type this, Dominguez gets his 2nd TD of the game.

this looks just like last week, so far...same ending or different?

WHAT A HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately, I’m missing this game. I’m tearing apart the kitchen. Looks like Saskatchewan is getting the early lead, though. Edmonton better pick it up soon.

ouch...esks turn it over at thier own 15-20 yard line.....not good.

just gave the riders atleast 3.

maybe not.

wtf is with conji and fantuz lately?


first the riders punter recovers his own punt, and now this.

one handed grab for a PICK.
Ray : 3 INTs.....OUCH!!!

more points off esk turnovers.

...for all eskimo fans this would be a great time to see what your city offers in the way of outdoor activities....visit a park, go for a stroll down by the river...

riders should be 4-1 after today....intead are 3-2 ( assuming they win )

last weeks meltdown could cost them a home playoff game.

...why should they be 4-1?...

Ray seems to be falling apart. I'm kind of glad I can't watch the game. :lol:


holy hell, just turned the game on. what the hell is wrong with Edmonton?

Ray looks fine, it's the OL and the 'rider defense that is the story of this game.

Is Ray pulled for good....oh the shock

nice catch

3 picks today... not bad for a "decimated" secondary, wouldnt you say , cornholer?

Sorta reminded me of the BC game with the good guys coming out on top this time. The Riders offense never really did a whole lot it but they were given a short field a whole bunch and special teams and turnovers were the story.

Nice reply by the Riders to last week. Looks like the Eskimo bubble just burst, btw how did Warner look today :wink: