Roughriders: thanks/congrats to Ken Miller and enjoy your retirement after tonights game.
Eskimos; hope to see a good game to end the season on a winning note, thus finish with an 11-7 record.

Let's go Esks !!! :thup:

Ninwittie: Talk about a walk in the park for Edmonton :wink:

Doesn't seem like that much of a walk. Riders aren't caving so far (one play aside).

Wow … Dallas Baker showing Didwiddie in the face… Some huge problems on that team.

Guys want to compete. Why is that a huge problem. Dimwiddie goes right back to Baker next play … even though he shouldn’t have. Are you trying to make a mountain out of a molehill?

Duval nails it...........17-10 Edmonton

It was Chiavone (sp??).

I think the Riders don't me to create mountains of problems, they are good at that on their own. Yeah and that play worked great :wink: No player should slap his QB in the face in the middle of a game, sorry...

I all messed up in Nickelback…a bit of beer…not paying attention… But the Eskies are doing it :thup:
Sigh…Ricky Ray was just picked off.

No, really???! What a brilliant insight. A backup giving the what-for to a backup doesn't mean squat - except to the uninitiated, perhaps.

These thread game posts are getting smaller....? None the less - FG Sask = 20-13 Esks

Not an overly exciting game. Edmonton has surprised me Offensively, for the 2nd straight game against they Riders they don't look good at all out there. This should be a blow out, especially with several new DBs playing.

Getzlaf TD - Tie game!!!

In a way, I agree but, on the other hand, I am loving the intrigue. Riders 2nd and 3rd stringers - with nothing to play for except pride - going toe to toe with a team playing first stringers who are going for a home playoff game and first place?? This has been great.

Getzlaf making a push for the Outstanding Canadian award, you could make an argument for any of him, Cornish or Messam.

Either O.T. or FG wins the game.

2.5 minutes to go, tie game. Riders are going to win. They want it more, funny enough.

I don't think he will get it if for no other reason that he is not on a winning team. It shouldn't count but it's gotta be there subconsciously - can't be outstanding if you weren't instrumental in getting your team to the playoffs.

K. Joseph gets the first down..Skookum