Esks - Riders game thread, July 25 (3:30 ET TSN)

May this game at least have a pulse! LOL

The Esks had better double-fasten the ol' chin strap because I think the Riders are going to be bringing the wood the Als decked Gang Green with last week. :wink:

I'll be here!!

Good morning fellow babies! (kudos to Dr. Fever for that one)

Hoping there is a GAME today! LOL :wink:

Lets hope this one has some thrill to it. The first 3 this week have been brutal, ugly, natsy... you get the point.

Although I am cheering for the Riders in this one I hope the Smoes can show some life. Ray is waaaay overdue for a good game.

Pivotal game..........Riders win, then they are 3-1 and in first all by themselves...........Edmonton will be in last down there with BC at 1-3.

But if the Eskimos win, then you would have a three team logjam atop the west, with Saskatchewan, Calgary, and Edmonton all at 2-2.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…BOOGER!!!

Game face on - check.
Beer chilling - check.
Rider gear - ready.

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble!

Almost time... hopefully this game isn't a laugher like yesterday's games... and with the rain here in the Hammer, I have to watch on I guess


i was all ready to do that but the rain just died down enough to let the signal through :thup:

lol.. mine too!!

Looks like a perfect day in Regina, so TURNOVER CITY. LOL :wink:

well EDM goes 2 and out on their 1st possession

LOL another strip of the ball... GIMME THAT!!!!!!

Rider ball deep in Smoe

Another blowout brewing?

Easy as pie for the Green!

Touchdown Riders.. Cates!

Wow. blowout forthcoming, Ray gets picked off and taken to the House!!!

14-0 Riders!!


14-0 Riders off the Ray pick

Blowout has been dialed up!

15-0 with the convert.

TSN keeps going out. Anyone else or is it only here in Vancouver?

Still got my feed here

Remember, in a pinch! :wink:

Rider safety blitz sacks Ray.