Esks Richardson is the victim of CFL obsession with TD Atl

I think that's why it's called "player of the week" awards not "bestest guy who ever played or ever will" :stuck_out_tongue:
Besides how big does a guy have to be before he can be considered good?

You keep giving reasons why he shouldn't have won, care to say who should have?

Probably a Rider...

I really hope they give Richardson the POW award again this week, for 2 reasons.

  1. The lick he laid on Stala (hope he is OK)

  2. The whining we would be witness to on this site.

I can't co-sign the hit. Losing Stala hurt. I'm not complaining about hit, it was a good clean hit, but it did hurt Hamilton's chances yesterday. Stala's a tough dude, and if it's nothing serious, he'll be back sooner rather than later.

But I can co-sign him winning it to see how cflisthebest would flip out. I'd get a kick out of that.

well it isn't gonna happen so no worries there.

I have seen things with the Eskimos that I found to be disgusting and poor sportsmanship.

don't ask me what because this was so many years ago..

Let's just say the Esks would have to deal with a few more years of hardship and losing before I'd truly stop hating them.

lets see them have to deal with the things that the Riders had to deal with back in the Eighties.. and mid 90's.

Do you seriously not realize how ridiculous you sound? :lol:

"don't ask me what because this was so many years ago.."

OK, I have to ask, how old are you? I always thought that you were around 16, 17. Now, if you are, that doesn't preclude you from having "many years ago" type experiences, but I can't think of anything really bad that the Eskimos have done in the past two decades to warrant being hated.

I think that they look at each award individually and not at hey… didnt so and so already get an award. If the people awarding it think someone deserves 2 awards so be it. I dont care… Not like it matters anyway… its not like the team that has the most players who won a player of the week award get a nudge for the Grey Cup… like hey… team A got 26 player of the week awards and Team B only got 22… Team A gets a 7 point advantage… lol…

Esks have the best fans and most dedicated. A 4 win season and all the crap off the field and they still get almost 35,000 fans out to watch hamilton. If that was sask it would be like the mid 90's again with no one would be at the game. Congrads edmonton fans!

30,000 for Edmonton is not a good crowd man.

especially considering they were getting 40,000 avg not that long ago..

Maybe you should quit while you are behind 'cause if you don’t you’ll be even further behind if you keep this up.

Ever since the Sask game at home they've been pulling in 34,000 or more. And that's for a team that kept losing. And even with the low turnout in the earlier games, we still lead the league in attendance. Seriously, you need to get over this hate you have for Edmonton. It's making you make some pretty dumb comments.

If there's any obsession with Richardson it must be TSN and Matt Dunigan, Duane Forde and Pierre Vercheval. They choose the players of the week. Ask them if it is all some marketing ploy.

ok well, The Esks may be getting 34,000 avg now.

but you can't deny it is a far cry from what they averaged a number of seasons ago..

hey they couldn't even get as many for the Calgary game on Labour day as the Riders game.

that's just not normal... could the Eskimo fans fill Commonwealth to more than 34,000 on Labour Day when the game is held in Calgary?....I'd be impressed if 34 people showed up at the edmonton stadium that day...

...your hate-on for the esks is need of discussion with a qualified healer...seriously...

A far cry because they were WINNING a number of years ago. For heaven's sake, they're a 4-9 football team. Pulling 30-35K is great for a losing team. How many fans do you think the other teams would bring in if they were 4-9? Probably nowhere near 30K.

You really do make a lot of half-brained statements.

I live in Edmonton..not an Eskimo fan... go to as many games as I can... (I enjoy watching them lose..) just kidding about the last part. but the rest is true.

Edmonton has a real solid fanbase for the Eskies I'd say. Ok, so some cities and the CFL got maybe a bit ahead of themselves over the last few decades and went for some 50,000 + stadiums when the league probably is in the 25,000-40,000 size for stadiums based on the fact it's not an American based "major" league which seems to now be an obsession with many people out there. More people want to see a team from New York playing in their town with what are known as the most high profiled, highest paid "best" players, which for me I say who cares, because all that is overrated IMHO.

It's like a guy posted on a website from Hamilton the other day and said Hamilton deserves a team in the "major" leagues, which he mean't American controlled and operated NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, maybe MLS also. That seems to be the mentality as absurd and as stupid as it is. Some can't be happy having a Canadian league like the CFL with such a great and long and storied history, they'd rather live in lala land thinking the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL will come knocking on their town door and put a team in every city over 25,000 everywhere. :smiley:

oh crap, I meant to say the labour day rematch on Friday.. my bad :oops: