Esks Richardson is the victim of CFL obsession with TD Atl

there was a discussion about Richardson and him getting the Canadian as well as Defensive Player.

That they wanted to make the hype of the TD Atlantic bigger than what it really was.

The game itself was not that good, sure the Esks won but they didn't exactly win impressively. and the Argo's were bloody awful. heck the way they were playing that day I'm sure anyone could have defeated them.

Richardson isn't even that good of a player in reality.

They wanted to make the whole event a huge success.. yet he didn't deserve both awards.

I agree that the Canadian award should’ve been given to someone else, but I do have to wonder how much of this post is just you hating on the Eskimos…

none of it Chief.

I have never believed that Richardson is a good player. it's more along the lines of Maciocia always being very poor in finding Canadian Talent.

when they brought this guy in a few seasons ago at Training camp we all were like "this kid is tiny! he's no good"

yet he made the team, which had us laughing hard!

for the most part He's been pretty sub-par when you compare him to other Safety's in the CFL.

the real good teams in the past when they faced him were racking up the yards against the defense and were totally taking advantage of his lack of skill and ability.

sure he's improved since he came on the team but I can almost assure you that none of the other 7 teams would grab him if the Esks some day released him.

He'll be one of the first round of victims from the Tillman era.

You realize this is only his second season in the CFL, right?

Richardson got both, deserved both. End of story.

Thankfully, player awards are not popularity contests.

oh come on now VOR.. Richardson deserved 1 at the most.

there were a couple receivers out there that had a great game too and deserved the Canadian player more than him.

and Chief.

it's his 2nd, and likely his last.. as an Eskimo.

Richadson had 2 interceptions at key moments of the game, he had a great game even without those, had it been any player from any of the 7 other teams it wouldn't be an issue.

People complained about Mr. clutch and grab (Fantuz) getting 2 awards as well, so what. Just like Richardson he had a great game and was recognized for it.

I believe I was the only one who "complained" about Fantuz getting two awards, and I didn't really complain... I just thought it was weak, just like I think Richardson getting both is weak. He had a great game, but the Canadian could've been given to a few other players.

And for the record, I doubt the league gave Richardson both awards just to hype up the game. Fantuz getting two awards the previous week kind of blows that theory out of the water.

yea well.. this is all arbitrary really when you think about it. why start a thread about it then?...

I go back to what I originally said... how much of this is just him hating on the Eskimos?

i asked before…but why does anyone reply to this doofus?
combine him with Killer guy and Empire guy and you have bizzarro world

Weird thread. Not saying it shouldn't exist but I don't know but VICTIM of TD Atlantic hype? A tad going to far with that logic I'd say. :?

I'm just saying that if it had been any other week and there had been no TD atlantic special..

that he would not have got both. I think they're milking this whole TD Atlantic as far as they can take it.

the game itself was not a very good game when you actually look at it.

Toronto was awful and the Eskimos took advantage of 6 turnovers but they didn't exacty shine like a First place team.

the CFL really wanted to make the whole event as great as they can make it.

And like I said previously, Fantuz won two awards last week. I seriously doubt TD Atlantic had anything to do with Richardson getting both awards.

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Of course they didn't shine like a first-place team because they aren't one.

I don't think that they took into account the team they were playing against.

if Richardson had done this against the Alouettes? I'd say hell ya, give him the 2 awards!

but it's Toronto for pete's sake! the worst team of the 2nd half this year.. can't score to save their lives.

It would really be nice to know what the Eskimo's did to you to warrant the irrational hatred you spew on a daily basis. Let it go man, whatever they did can't be worth it.

Now THAT is a good question! :lol: :thup: