ESKS release starting tackle Tony Washington

INT, 6'7" 320lbs starting tackle
We could use one of those

He has 2 Grey Cup rings

  1. Also noticed yesterday that BC signed Ricky Foley !!

Foley now ends up back where he started his CFL career. Wally obviously likes something about him !!

  1. Another update....the Argos today signed former TiCat and Rider, DT Linden Gaydosh.
    He was just released by the Riders 3 days ago.

As per Drew Edwards and Tony Washington, he has signed with the ticats

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I see 3 rings on that big mitt of his . The two outside ones are obviously Grey Cup rings . I'm guessing that the middle one is perhaps from his college days ? It would be nice if we could sign this guy . Anybody would be a huge improvement over the two turnstiles we presently have playing at the two tackle spots at the moment . Hell if I'm the Cats brass at this time I'd be looking at signing Washington for the one tackle spot and poaching ex Cat Jeremy Lewis off of the Als Practice roster for the other spot .

Let's face it here folks , if we don't shore up our porous O-Line and soon Zac won't be lasting much longer . In reality with that line in its present form the way it is we could have Tom Brady under centre and it really wouldn't matter at this point . :-[

I’m all for this signing because we clearly need help.

And yet, I have to admit, I never heard of this guy even though he’s been in the league for years. That says more about me than him. I simply don’t pay attention to who plays O-line for other teams. (Barely for my own team, in fact.) And that used to be my position back in high school!

Generally, the less you hear about an Offensive Tackle, the better...

That was my thought when I read the news. Kind of what they say about DB's too.....