Esks release Kelly Malbrough.. who's bright idea was this?

You're right there's no story here. . . why this has gone on for two pages now is a mystery to me.

So Malbrough wanted more money? Here's the door, see ya later. . . Edmonton doesn't need him even if he took a pay cut.

When you've got Chris Thompson, Randee Drew, Jason Goss, Leny Walls, Willie Amos, Lawrence Gordon, and a passel of new hungry kids in the secondary, who would want Malbrough?

Not I. . . and apparently not the Eskimos' brain trust either.

I hope to high hell that Obie isn't considering him now that one of our top DB prospects went down to a knee injury and will be released.Go sign with the Argo's, they don't mind overpaying for washups or players with little or no talent.

Just further proof that the season needs to start!

Those are all excellent reasons for Marlbrough's release ... unlike using tackles to gauge his ability or worth as a DB. Next time, put the good stuff first. :wink:

Very good move.

Who is Kelly Malbrough ? :lol:

I think it was determined to be the love child of Kelly Malveaux and Anthony Malbrough. :lol: