Esks release Kelly Malbrough.. who's bright idea was this?

So another veteran gets let go.

I must ask, how do they expect to get better if they drop another experienced Vet?

Maybe they're hoping everybody else will do the same?

By having players who are better than him.

And they do.

Jason Goss and Randee Drew are, in my opinion (and apparently the Esks' brass opinion as well, which is far more important), better than Malbrough. Why Daley kept using Goss on the corner instead of at HB mystified me last season.

Who is Kelly Malbrough?

Do you mean Anthony Malbrough who was released today or Kelly Malveaux who was released in February?

I think the real mystery is why does cflisthebest care. The guy spends so much time criticizing the Eskimos, I’d think them releasing a vet would give him reason to celebrate. :lol:

Maybe the two of them have a son?

Well, in that case, that was pretty crappy of the Eskimos. How are they supposed to support their love child if neither has a job... :o

At least let the little guy be a ballboy.

...or GM..

cflisthebest, if you are going to criticize one of the Esk's moves this off-season, at least make it something remotely reasonable.

You look like a complete fool saying this about Malbrough.... he sucks....badly!

He wanted an extension. The eskies didn't want to pay up so he asked for his release.

Ouch… :lol:

Malbrough hardly played last season it seems to me, spent alot of time injured or something. Kelly Malveaux... i musta missed that he got released a while back, I suppose the team believes its got a younger body that can do more than a cast-off from the 'Peg.

both were bomber castoffs i believe... although i bet malveaux will surface somewhere this season, he can play olb, db, and safety... hes not great at any of them, but decent at any of the 3, hes versatile and has experience, if someone goes down im sure hel get a call

Malbrough was overpaid and over the hill an expected cut. Our Secondary of Jason Goss, Lenny Walls, Randee Drew, Lawrence Gordon, Chris Thompson, Jason Nugent, and Elliott Richardson is very deep. Add to them we have Rookies Saleem Borhot who looks very good in game film and Sammy Okpro who almost made the team last year.

Coach Hall will mold these players into a superior Defensive backfield.

He's got a big hill to climb given the sieve that was the Eskimo secondary last year. We'll see if he can make something of them by the second or third game of the season.

ya it was Anthony Malbrough.

I just think that the Esks recently have had a history of making bad moves and it has cost them.

Malbrough recorded one defensive tackle in limited time with the Eskimos, I don't think he will leave much of a hole in the secondary.

Using tackles to gauge a DB's ability. :lol:

Well if you don't think tackles are a good measure of a DB's play, consider he only started one game with the Eskimos and was oly on the roster for five. He asked the Eskimos to renegotiate his contract and they couldn't agree to terms, sounds to me like he asked for a raise and the Eskimos said no so he asked to be released. In my books there is no story here whatsoever.