Esks release Hunt and others

eskies unloaded some players earlier today Veteran Reggie Hunt was one of four players released by the Edmonton Eskimos on Monday.

In addition to the import linebacker, import defensive back Lenny Williams and import defensive linemen Shaun Richardson and Xzavie Jackson were also released.

Hunt, a Grey Cup winner with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 2007, played in four games for Edmonton after joining them in September. He has been named a CFL West-Division All-Star on four occasions (2003, '04, '06 and '07). He was also a CFL All-Star in 2003.

Williams played in 10 games during the 2009 season and had 36 tackles.

Jackson played in five games last season and Richardson appeared in three.

think the bombers may have any interest in hunt? veteran lb, has had some recent injuries and his best years are behind him.. but was a great lb.. maybe to push the new guys in camp... or as depth and leadership role... never know

nope. i dont think so.

we have quite abit of linebackers under contract.. if anything they could be interested in the db's but even then i highly doubt it. seems like we are getting away from bringing in other teams castoffs and thats a good thing.

u answered your own question tho towelie when you said his best days are behind him :slight_smile:

haha yea i guess i kind of did... i dont know, some part of me thinks the guy can still play... but logic says no.. your right were better off going with the fresh faces... hopefully we can find the next hunt!

yup. wallace, nkang, others.. these guys will turn out to be pretty good players for us i think.

i think ill have to head down to training camp on one of my days off and check it out and take some pics and stuff. dont really know what we have until we see them play.

with that being said tho i think our linebackers will be strong.

how old are the db's tho?

if they are under lets say... 27... might not be a bad idea to bring one or both in, seeing astho they do have cfl experience atleast a couple of games :slight_smile:

yeah. its going to be interesting to see who they bring in. i think we still need 2-3 more import dbs to be brought in before camp.. i cant wait for camp to start, last years camp was very competitive and good, this year should be even more fun

last years was fun. i went a couple times. honestly, a couple friends of mine worked for the team last year.. i was like so.. mike kelly.. what was he really like? they were like.. a good guy to talk too and have some beers with. im like no problems? they are like i think the media portrayed him to be more of a bad guy then he was.

but yeah enough last year :slight_smile: this year is the only year that matters :slight_smile: