Esks release Gerald Dixon!(article)

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Gerald Dixon committed the ultimate sin in sports.

Dixon was in his second year with the Esks, and up until last week had started most games in the linebacking core. This past Saturday Toronto was running a two-back set, so defensive co-ordinator, Rick Campbell, started Marcus Winn instead of Dixon because he was better suited to stop the run.

During a series in the first half, the Argos went with a one-back set, so Campbell told Dixon to go replace Winn. That is when Dixon ended his stint with the Green and Gold. Dixon, who was wearing a parka to stay warm, said he didn’t want to because he was cold and worried about pulling his hamstring. Dixon reluctantly went in for one play and then didn’t play another down.

What the hell was going through his head? When your coach says go play, you go play. I could understand if he had torn a ligament or was injured earlier in the game and couldn’t perform. But to say no because he was cold or worried he MIGHT pull a hamstring. That is embarrassing.

Charles Alston said it best. “When your Momma tells you to do the dishes, you better do the dishes or else. It is the same with your coach. You listen to what he says, or else you better expect the worst.?

Dixon’s quitting in the middle of the game put an exclamation point on what has been a disastrous season for the Esks. I’m sure giving him his pink slip was the easiest decision Danny Maciocia and Campbell had all year.

Dixon quit on his teammates in the heat of the battle.

Signor Mobley, who played hurt most of the year was stunned at Dixon’s actions. Mobley was one of three players who were standing beside Campbell when Dixon uttered his unforgettable words. “That was kind of tough when I heard it. For a guy to say that in the middle of, basically war, made my stomach turn. Clearly he didn’t want to be here. I thought he was an upright guy who loved to play the game, but I guess that wasn’t the case,? said Mobley.

When teams are winning and things are going well it is easy to hide the warts of a team and certain players. But when you are losing, the true character of the players and coaches comes out.

Dixon should his true character, and now the Eskimos are better off without him.