Esks Release Donny Brady!!!

This could be the boost we need!

anyone interested?

Would we get Marcia as well?

I think we have a Brady shirt ready.

Nah - Kamau wears #8 now. Nice try tho...

isnt he always injured?

Nope - he can't read a defence.

OOPS! Wrong Brady... :oops:

Old, Slow... NO.

He couldn't hurt us.

Is this the reason for his release?

How old is he?


Found this from the Edmontoan Journal - May 23, 2006

Brady is on the wrong side of 30, and there's several promising new cover men at camp including former Cleveland Brown Roosevelt Williams and Texas A&M product Jonte Buhl.

The article also mentioned DB is 33, and a six year veteran of the CFL.

Just might be worth looking at. Maybe bring him in for this season to help bring along the youngsters.

Would Kavis Reed have been around in Edmonton when Brady was there?